WPEngine VS BlueHost on Managed WordPress Hosting Service

WPEngine VS BlueHost on Managed WordPress Hosting Service

Both WPEngine and BlueHost are well-known web hosting providers with a large number of followers. Besides, they both offer one product – managed WordPress hosting services. Since the managed WordPress hosting services they provide have many similarities and differences, many people cannot help asking that which one is more preferable and beneficial.

Aiming to make clear which one is better, we try our best to make a comprehensive comparison between WPEngine and BlueHost. After a long time of researching market feedback and learning from our own experience, we mainly compare Personal of WPEngine with Blogger of BlueHost on managed WordPress hosting services from different perspectives covering pricing, feature, uptime, speed and customer service. In below, we have worked out a table to show the ratings of the 2 companies.

Rating wpengine bluehost
Plan in Review Personal Blogger
Overall 3.5 stars 5 stars
Features 4 stars 4.5 stars
Loading Speed 3.5 stars 4.5 stars
Reliability 3.5 stars 4.5 stars
Technical Support 3stars 5 stars
Customer Ratings 3.5 stars 4.5stars
Recommendation no yes
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Plan and Pricing

WPEngine, solely focused on managed WordPress hosting service, offers 3 main packages including Personal, Professional and Business. In specific, Personal, aiming to fulfill the common needs with websites, charges $29/mo. Professional and Business, made for meeting some special requirements, respectively charge $99/mo and 249/mo. Moreover, all packages come with 60-day money back guarantee to ensure you get a full refund if you cancel a package within 60 days because of dissatisfaction for services.

BlueHost with many years’ hosting experience is dedicated to offering 3 plans named Blogger charging $24.99/mo, Professional and Business for managed WordPress hosting. More important, if you go through the following promotion link, you can enjoy additional 50% discount with which Blogger charges you 12.49/mo for first month and 24.99/mo from second month. Anyway, Blogger is cheaper than Personal offered by WPEngine. Besides, the plans coming with anytime money back guarantee accept credit card and PayPal, which greatly brings you much convenience.

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wpengine vs bluehost featureWhether the packages offered by web hosts have rich features is possible your main concern. As for this aspect, it is one of WPEngine’s highlights to develop many Dev tools, including Git Version Control, one-click restore points and one-click staging area. Moreover, it includes managed upgrades, daily backups and Malware scanning to help with site management. Except for Personal, only Professional and Business carry with WordPress Multisite which assists you to use one WordPress installation to maintain multiple websites.

As one of the largest hosting service providers, BlueHost offers various features which are quite useful for site setup and management. In detailed, it is integrated with plenty of built-in tools covering Mojo Marketplace for adding more extensions, ManagedWP for migrating and managing multiple WordPress sites and backups with ease, WordPress-centric controls for running WordPress on your server with its custom-developed control panel. Also, it includes enhanced cPanel. More detailed information about Personal and Blogger is in the following table.

Feature wpengine bluehost
Plan in Review Personal Blogger
Visits 25,000/mo 100 Million/mo
Storage 10GB 30GB
Daily backups yes yes
Money Back guarantee yes Yes
Phone Support no yes
Chat Support yes yes
Integrations of Caching yes yes
Regular Price $29/mo $24.99/mo
Discount N/A 50%
promotional price N/A $12.49/mo
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Uptime and Speed

The 2 web hosts have excellent performance of uptime and page loading speed. In specific, WPEngine, owning 3 international data centers in US, UK and Japan, is equipped with in-RAM caching, multi-server cluster and wicked-fat hardware to ensure the fast site loading speed. Besides, it applies EverCache technology to help you to manage caching like database caching and object caching. According to our monitoring, its uptime is 99.96% and response time is 425ms.

BlueHost promises to all customers to deliver at least 99.9% uptime. Moreover, it has 3 optimized data centers which are equipped with high-performance reputed diesel generators and Dell servers. In addition, they utilize USP power supply to offer you high reliability for running website. In the same time, all the services are under 24/7 monitoring to ensure unprecedented performance. Based on our observances, its uptime reaches 100% on average and server response time is 320ms. More details are as follows.

Customer Service

wpengine vs bluehost customer serviceBoth of two companies have professional technical support team. However, WPEngine has some drawbacks for customer service. In detailed, people with Personal can only receive customer support via email and chat. Technical support via phone is only available for another 2 packages with higher prices.

On the other hand, BlueHost has more contact ways including tickets, live chat and phone. Besides, if you send email to them for help, they promise to respond you with 30 minutes and solve problems with 24 hours. It is a plus for both companies to offer many platforms and articles for customers to communicate with each other and find solutions for common issues.


Based on our in-depth and full-scale analysis above, we are able to recommend BlueHost to your choice. To be specific, BlueHost wins WPEngine in providing more time-saving plan, richer features and more considerate customer service. Therefore, the former one is definitely a better option.