WPEngine Review – Managed WordPress Hosting Analyzed

WPEngine Review – Managed WordPress Hosting Analyzed

WPEngine is founded in 2011 with headquarters in Austin, Texas. As a young company in the industry, the company runs business in their own ways. Unlike other web hosting providers who offer multiple types of hosting solutions, WPEngine only provides WordPress hosting services.

For WordPress users looking for a successful WordPress website, having a great hosting company is very crucial. Therefore, many of them choose WPEngine for it solely focuses on providing WordPress hosting service. Is this company really a good choice? In this article, we have carefully reviewed every aspect of the WordPress hosting offered by WPEngine, and have revealed some secrets that our readers need to know before purchasing a WPEngine plan.

In details, this WPEngine review shows the pros and cons of hosting WordPress site with the hosting service of WPEngine, which is based on our real hosting experience and the information we collected on the web, so it is 100% impartial.

WPEngine Review

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    rating 2.5 of 5
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  • Reliability
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  • Support
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WPEngine Pros

Established in 2010, WPEngine is a well-known web hosting company which merely focuses on WordPress hosting. At present, it has been trusted by millions of customers all over the world. How can this company be so popular within such a short period? Check the advantages offered by them in the following.

100% WordPress Compatible

100% WordPress CompatibleThe focus on offering a single WordPress hosting makes WPEngine more WordPress friendly than many other web hosts providing a series of hosting solutions. In addition to far exceeding all the technical requirements for running a WordPress site successfully, such as the latest version of PHP & MySQL and suPHP support, this company also guarantees unlimited data transfer and offers the LargeFS system which allows customers to have as much space as they want at no additional cost effectively.


WPEngine pays much attention to website security, so it leverages the power of Firewall to block tens of thousands of malicious attacks, and update the system constantly to make sure that even the newest attacks are addressed successfully. Besides, it automatically backs up the files and databases of the hosted websites every day.

Fast Page Loading Speed

WPEngine maintains a fast webpage loading speed record by utilizing multiple cutting-edge technologies. For instance, it locates all the quality servers at 3 world-class data centers, offers proprietary EverCache technology, wicked-fast hardware with in-RAM caching, and CDN to ensure that customers’ websites load as fast as possible.

WPEngine Cons

According to our review, WPEngine also has some disadvantages compared with some reliable web hosting companies. Check the cons in below.

Expensive Pricing

WPEngine ConsWPEngine has 3 WordPress hosting packages called Personal, Professional, and Business, and prices these plans starting at $29/mo, $99/mo, and $249/mo respectively. To be honest, as the average rate of WordPress hosting service is around $7/mo, WPEngine is very expensive for the majority of customers worldwide.

As for payment methods, the company accepts four major credit cards: American Express, Visa, Discover and MasterCard, which is convenient but seems to be less secure. For your worry-free experience, the company supports 60 days money back. So, if you want to cancel your account for any reason, you can apply for refund immediately.


Unlike many other web hosts offering unlimited storage, domain hosting, and visits per month, WPEngine sets some restrictions in this respect. The Personal Plan allows 16GB local storage, 1 site and 25,000 visits/mo; Professional allows 20GB local storage, 10 sites, and 100,000 visits/mo; Business Plan allows 30GB local storage, 25 sites, and 400,000 visits/mo.

Below are more details about the former two plans.

Feature Personal Professional
Local Storage 10 GB 20 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
WordPress Multisite No Yes
Top-Shelf Hardware Yes Yes
3rd Party SSL No Yes
CDN $19.95/mo $19.95/mo
Chat Support Yes Yes
Telephone Support No Yes
Price $29/mo $99/mo

From the table, you can notice that this company performs poorly in the part. First of all, WPEngine only offers you a little information about features, so it is hard to find much information about some major features.

Second, Personal plan users cannot enjoy their telephone support, which is barely seen in the whole industry. Because Personal plan would often attract more WordPress users than the superior ones, many primary plan users can only ask for help through email or live chat, which is quite inconvenient under certain conditions.

Third, the company charges $19.95/mo for CDN service, which adds users’ budget burden. All in all, this company is terrible in this part.

Not-Good-Enough Reliability

Considering reliability, the company promises 99.95% server uptime. On the Internet, you can find no statistics about the company’s uptime. But when you go through their blog or read customer reviews, you can find that the company had some outages and serious downtimes in the past years. Anyway, the company still has a lot to do with uptime so as to make more users satisfied.

Poor Technical Support

Undoubtedly, WPEngine support staffs must have the deep knowledge about WordPress, and are able to offer the best solutions for issues of any kind. However, unlike many web hosts which offer a 24/7 customer service for all hosting plans via phone call, e-mail and live chat, WPEngine only provides telephone support that is solely available for the Business Plan from 9am to 6pm Central Time. Therefore, many customers have complained about the inconvenience of WPEngine technical support, especially those purchasing the Personal or Professional Plans.

BlueHost – A Better Choice than WPEngine

Based on the short history, expensive price, inconvenient customer service, and limited features, we do not think WPEngine is the right choice for customers to choose. Instead, we highly recommend BlueHost. In fact, BlueHost managed WordPress hosting is more powerful and cost-effective than the service from WPEngine. Therefore, for customers looking to establish a large and complex website with heavy traffic, BlueHost managed WordPress hosting service is suitable, for it offers guaranteed server resources, enhanced cPanel control panel, unlimited domains, etc.

Here, we have compared WPEngine with BlueHost managed WordPress hosting. Read the comparison table as below.

Features BlueHost Blogger WPEngine Personal
WordPress Sites Unlimited 1
Visits per Month 100 million 25,000
Storage 30GB 10GB
Free Domian Yes No
Dedicated IPs 1 0
Support phone, email, live chat No
Price $12.49/mo $29/mo
  Learn More NOT Recommended


Apparently, BlueHost is a better choice than WPEngine, for it provides customers with a cheap price, rich features, responsive customer service, and excellent hosting performance.