Which is a Better Choice for Beginners to Start a Blog, WordPress or Drupal?

Which is a Better Choice for Beginners to Start a Blog, WordPress or Drupal?

Both WordPress and Drupal are powerful and free open source CMS for users to start a blog easily, but which one is better for beginners? After all, unlike professional webmasters, newbies are lacking some blogging establishment knowledge and competence, so they need a more user-friendly tool to start their blogs. Therefore, in this article, our editors have compared the 2 blogging tools comprehensively, with a view to helping our readers make the right decision.

Usability – WordPress Wins

WordPress is famous for its ease of use. It has a graphical interface which can be understood by everyone, and entails little learning curve for new bloggers. Therefore, users can easily start the blog, post new contents, add more functionality, and change the design and layout.

According to the nickname of Drupal – Developer’s CMS, you can see that Drupal is not as user friendly as WordPress. Users who want to use it need to acquire some knowledge about coding and scripting.

In this respect, if you are new to the blog establishment and management, and don’t have the time to learn code, then you’d better choose WordPress – a more basic and easy to use blogging tool.

Support and Community – Both Win

WordPress offers a powerful community support, with which you can get all your problems resolved by a large number of developers, designer and professional bloggers. Drupal also has done a good job in this aspect. Anyone can get some knowledge and advanced technical skills in the Forum and Community Documentation.

The only difference between the 2 is that WordPress community is mainly helpful for new webmasters, while Drupal community is more beneficial for web developers.

Customization – WordPress Wins

WordPress CustomizationCustomizing the blog is very important, as you need to make your blog site be unique to stand out from the crowd. WordPress really shines in site customization, allowing you to easily customize and extend the functionality of your blog site. As estimated, there are over 1,998 themes and over 26,725 plugins available at WordPress.org now.

Drupal also allows you to customize your blog freely, but does not have so many ready-made plugins and themes, because many of them are developed for a specific purpose and not available for public usage.

Besides, most WordPress plugins are designed specifically for blog sites, whereas Drupal plugins are better for large e-commerce or corporate site.

Main Usage -WordPress Wins

WordPress is the official successor of b2/cafelog, which is the most famous pioneer of blogging tool, so WordPress can be seen as a product which is designed primarily and originally for blogging. At present, more than 12.1% new blog sites are built with WordPress.

Drupal, however, is much more developer-oriented, and more suitable for technical experts to create complex and large websites.

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Based on this comparison between WordPress and Drupal, we suggest beginners to use WordPress to start their blogs, because it is more user-friendly and blogging-driven than Drupal.

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