Beginner’s Guide on WordPress Content Locker

Beginner’s Guide on WordPress Content Locker

Have you ever heard about the concept of the content locker when managing your WordPress site? By making use of it, you can effectively grow the email list, get more social media followers and enjoy many other benefits. Here, to help you better learn this concept, we’d like to share a beginner’s guide on WordPress content locker.

Note that in this tutorial, we will discuss what the content locker is, how it can benefit your website running and how to apply it to your WordPress site.

What WordPress Content Locker Is

To explain it in a simple way, the WordPress content locker is the special pop-up box that locks your web content behind the scene. If people want to unlock it to check what you have displayed, they have to perform some practices that are defined in advance. For instance, they should provide their email address, register an account or follow your social media accounts.

The Benefits You Can Get from WordPress Content Locker

Frankly speaking, there are dozens of benefits you can get from the WordPress content locker. In the following, we’d like to list the most obvious aspects.

  • Get more followers and content sharing chances on your social media – You can ask people to follow your social networking accounts or share your pre-defined web contents on their own social groups. In exchange, they can unlock the hidden words. Frankly speaking, the increase of your follower base can bring you more traffic and loyal users in the future. And the content sharing can benefit the brand awareness of your site.
  • Get more email subscribers and enlarge your email list – Surely, you can also require people to provide their email address for joining your email list. Note that the large email list can help you better promote your site to your current readers effectively.
  • Turn readers into the paying users – This option is only recommended for your advanced or premium web content. You can monetize the locked content to make money online.

WordPress Content Locker

How to Create WordPress Content Locker

In fact, there are a lot of WordPress plugins that can help you create the effective content locker for your WordPress site. Here, we highly recommend you to use the OnePress Social Locker plugin. With it, you can increase the presence on the social media by asking people to like, to share or to tweet your locked content. This can greatly improve your social performance so as to get the better online influence.

In addition, you can enable the sign-in locker, which allows the improvement of email subscription or the website registration.

Set Up for the Global Settings

After the plugin installation, you should click the Global Settings button from the Social Locker tab. Here, from the Social Options part, you can set up the social API keys and the ID information for your social accounts. Note that the free version of this plugin only supports the Facebook button, the Twitter button and Google button.

In addition, you can also choose the exact language for the social buttons and enable the lazy loading for the content lockers.

Social Options

Determine the Rest Plugin Settings

Next, you can move to the Lock Options part. Here, you can modify some locking features. Note that if you are not sure of what you should do, you’d better not to change the default settings.

From the Stats Options, you can enable the Google Analytics. This way, this plugin will generate a tracking event automatically when your web content is locked. And then, you can turn on the Collecting Stats option to collect the statistics and data for the reports.

Stats Options

In addition, you can move to the Front-end Text part. Here, you can change the front-end text for the lockers, such as the button text and the error messages.

Front-end Text

Lastly, you can optionally enable the Terms and Policies choice. This step is not mandatory, but can benefit the transparency of your content lockers.

Terms and Policies

Add the New Content Locker

Now, you can click the Social Locker > New Locker button to generate the content locker based on your needs. Here, you have two options to choose. One is the Social Locker, which is the perfect option to get more social media followers, likes and shares. And another one is the Sign-In Locker, which can benefit your email subscription. This time, we take the first option as an example.

Here, you can choose one of them and click the Create Item button. And then, you need to finish the following steps.

  • Enter the title for this locker for the better management.
  • Provide the locker header and message so that people can understand your purpose easily.
  • Choose the locker theme that is offered by default.
  • Decide the overlay mode of how the locker can lock the content. The options include Full, Transparency and Blurring.

Add New Locker

From the bottom section, you can preview your content locker. Here, you have the freedom to drag and to drop the buttons for the better display order. Also, you can enter the exact URL that you require people to like or to share for getting your locked content.

Preview Content Locker

Now, you can publish the locker. And then, you should edit the page or the post you are looking to showcase it. Here, you simply need to click the Social Locker button and choose your target locker. After making the content public online, you can display the content locker properly.