WebHostingPad VS A2Hosting – Which One Offers Faster Web Hosting Service

WebHostingPad VS A2Hosting – Which One Offers Faster Web Hosting Service

Both WebHostingPad and A2Hosting have been offered hosting service for almost 10 years with a very well reputation in this area. However, as many people start to set up their own website without knowledge of these 2 hosting providers, we’d like to compare them base on their price, features, performance and customer support. Then we bring out a clear answer for readers to learn which one is the faster web hosting company in the WebHostingPad vs A2Hosting comparison.

To figure out the fastest web hosting server providers between these two companies, we have collected hundreds of feedbacks from real customers. As a result, A2Hosting achieves a higher level of customer satisfaction, especially in terms of the page loading speed, uptime, and technical support.

A2Hosting WebHostingPad
Reputation rating 5 rating 2
Feature rating 5 rating 4
Price rating 4.5 rating 5
Speed rating 5 rating 2
Uptime rating 5 rating 2.0
Support rating 5 rating 1.0
Overall rating 5 rating 2
Website a2hosting.com NOT Recommended

Price – WebHostingPad Wins

There is no denying that both A2Hosting and WebHostingPad are affordable hosting providers whose starting price is less than $4/mo. However, WebHostingPad stands out in the competition because it lowers the prices down to $1.99/mo for the 4/5-year subscription. Regularly priced from $7.99/mo, the A2Hosting web hosting solutions are now starting at $3.92/mo. The promotional prices are accessible through this exclusive promotional link which gives a 51% discount to new customers.

Though $1.99/mo is really attractive, you cannot sign up for a long-term contract until you confirm the good service quality. We are going to have a further discussion on other aspects.

Pricing information A2Hosting WebHostingPad
Monthly $4.90/mo
1 Year $4.41/mo $3.99/mo
2 Years $3.92/mo $2.99/mo
3 Years $2.29/mo
4 Years $1.99/mo
5 Years $1.99/mo
How to Claim Promotion Link Not Recommended
A2Hosting Promotion Link Activation

Feature – A2Hosting Wins

Both A2Hosting and WebHostingPad have the rich-featured shared web hosting with unlimited hosting space and monthly bandwidth, easy-to-use cPanel, 1 free domain name, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited MySQL databases. Besides, A2Hosting offers more development features than WebHostingPad. Before your final decision, you should check the availability of such features as follows.

What’s more, A2Hosting is one of the few web hosts who has launched an anytime refund policy. Just like WebHostingPad, A2Hosting allows you to have a worry-free trial within the first 30 days. However, A2Hosting also refunds the unused service after 30 days.

A2Hosting WebHostingPad
Disk space unlimited unlimited
Monthly Bandwidth unlimited unlimited
E-mail Accounts unlimited unlimited
MySQL databases unlimited unlimited
Money Back Anytime 30 Days
DNS Management yes no
Git, CVS, Subversion & Mercurial yes no
24×7 Phone, Chat and Email Support yes yes
PHP/ Perl/ Python yes yes
Sign Up Not Recommended

Performance – A2Hosting Wins

In order to check out the at least 99.9% uptime and fast page loading speed claimed by these 2 companies, our editor has carried out a performance testing for almost 3 months to test their reliability and speed in the real world based on our hosting experience with them.

According to the result, only A2Hosting has fully kept its promise to achieve an almost 100% uptime, as well as a fast server response time of 397ms on average.

What contribute A2Hosting with such an excellent hosting performance is because the utilization of quality web servers and advanced data centers. For servers, A2Hosting uses 100% Dell servers featuring world-class technologies that make sure of the website running properly. Their data centers are located in the USA – Southfield and Michigan, featuring UPS, HVAC climate control, fire prevention system, and 24/7 monitoring.

For WebHostingPad, it only achieves a 99.47% uptime on average. At the side of the page loading speed, WebHostingPad also fails to do a good job. According to the performance testing above, the server response time consumed by this company is 792ms on average, which is much slower than A2Hosting.

Besides, A2Hosting offers fast hosting service with SwiftServers Platform featuring solid state drives, free CloudFlare CDN, 10 GB Redundant Network, at least 8 Core Server, and at least 24 GB RAM Server. All of these cutting-edge technologies provide A2Hosting a super fast hosting speed.

Customer Support – Both Good

In order to provide customers with reliable web hosting service, both A2Hosting and WebHostingPad employ a group of well-trained and knowledgeable support staffs who are standing by 24/7/365 via e-mail, live chat and toll-free phone call. Thus, the moment customers encounters some problems, they are able to get the best assistance or guidance effectively and immediately.

Besides, A2Hosting’s support team is 100% US based which is composed by professional experts who have at least 3 years experience in this industry. Thus, they can help customers to solve any problems in a constructive way at once. A2Hosting also has a fast response time, which is less than 30 seconds.

Summary – A2Hosting Recommended

Actually, for customers who are focused on the cost-effective web hosting, WebHostingPad and A2Hosting are both suitable. However, for customers who are looking for a faster web hosting service with satisfying hosting performance and quality support, A2Hosting is the best choice for them.