VodaHost Review, Rating and Secrets Revealed

VodaHost Review, Rating and Secrets Revealed

VodaHost is a privately-held hosting provider that has been established since the year of 2001. During the past years, this web host has hosted more than 30,000 websites all over the world. VodaHost primarily focuses on the shared web hosting based on the Linux platform, along with some exclusive services, such as the BlueVoda site builder and Soholaunch management service.

After collecting their customer feedbacks on the web, we have found that this web host has achieved a bad industry reputation, being complained by many of their real users for the slow page loading, frequent downtimes, poor support service and many more.

In the following, we have started a VodaHost review to demonstrate their pros and cons, telling you why this web host is not recommended by so many webmasters.

Editorial Rating

First of all, we’d like to showcase an editorial rating about their web hosting solution. Based on our real-life hosting and online testing, we are not satisfied with their hosting performance and technical support mainly.

VodaHost Review

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The Pros of VodaHost Web Hosting

Just like many other web hosts on the web, this hosting provider offers almost all the necessary hosting features that fully meet the needs of common webmasters. Besides, they aim at newbies, so have offered a lot of add-ons to ease your life for website building.

Rich Features

VodaHost only offers an all-in-one hosting package for their customers. This single plan comes with the unlimited volume of monthly data transfer, disk space, domain hosting, FTP accounts and websites allowed in one account.

Besides, as this web host strives for the promotion of entrepreneurship, they also offer multiple shopping carts, the affiliate program software and commodity delivery system.

Also, some advanced features are included into their hosting package, such as Perl, Cron Jobs, Curl, GD, CGI, latest PHP and MySQL, etc.

Add-ons for the Ease of Use

Add-on FeaturesVodaHost pays much attention to the easy process for website building by offering a lot of add-ons. Check the information of some options in the following.

  • BlueVoda Website Builder – This tool allows you to start your website in 30 minutes. No HTML knowledge required for website design, along with pre-developed site templates and 1-click publishing function.
  • Soholaunch – This is a special alternative to the widely-used osCommerce shopping cart. With it, you can set up a website with all the e-commerce capabilities. Regardless of your technical level, you can do this easily using the user-friendly interface.
  • Mobile Revolution – VodaHost offers an effective way for business owners to create a mobile-driven website to grow more traffic and revenues. With it, you can enjoy the functions of click to call, social networking, Google Maps integration, custom forms and many more.

The Cons of VodaHost Web Hosting

When it comes to the aspects of technical support, hosting speed and uptime track record, this web host has received a lot of complaints from their customers. Besides, after reviewing their service, they also fail to offer the affordable hosting charges and the necessary money back guarantee.

Poor Technical Support

VodaHost mainly offers the technical support via their ticket submission system. No phone support and live chat support available. To be frank, this simply eliminates your chances to get the instant help for the fast troubleshooting.

Even, their ticket support is not satisfactory. Many customers have complained that it takes hours or even days to get the response. Also, you may receive endless emails to resolve a simple issue that can be resolved in minutes with many other web hosts.

Slow Page Loading

To test their hosting speed, we have started an online monitoring using our sample site that is hosted with them for about 3 months. According to the statistics come out from Uptime Robot, we have found that our sample site requires an average of more than 1000 ms for the server response. To be frank, this level of hosting speed can be a disaster for all the websites.

VodaHost Speed

Bad Website Uptime Track Record

In fact, this web host has adopted quality web servers and advanced data centers to guarantee a high level of hosting reliability. Based on our testing, however, they only achieve a 99.89% for our sample site during the monitoring periods, lagging behind their commitment of at least 99.99% uptime.

VodaHost Uptime

As for their web servers, this web host actually utilizes the top-notch hardware purchased from the reliable suppliers of DELL and Cisco. The rock solid server components can ensure the stability of working for the hosted websites.

In addition, this web hosts rents 3 data centers that are located at Slough, Milton Keynes and Maidenhead, ensuring the optimal hosting performance in UK region. As for other regions, however, they cannot guarantee a good result.

Not Budget-Friendly Hosting Charges

The all-in-one package offered by this web host charges you starting at $7.45/mo, which is much more expensive than many quality web hosts we have reviewed so far.

In fact, this hosting rate is only valid if you purchase the service with 24 months. If you sign up with the 12-month billing, you are charged at the price of $7.95/mo. As for the monthly billing, the hosting rate is as high as $9.95/mo.

No Money Back Guarantee

This is one of the main drawbacks of their web hosting solution. As the money back policy is the main feature for all the web hosts to give customers a sense of worry-free and risk-free when making an online deal, VodaHost simply does not offer the refund policy of any types.

No cPanel Control Panel

VodaHost claims to include their custom control panel with the Fantastico installer, Hotlink Protection, IP Deny Manager, Custom Error Page, phpMyAdmin, Custom Error Pages and many more. It is true that their self-developed control panel is functional, but is not as powerful as cPanel. Even, it is not a good option when it comes to the ease of use.

Besides, as the majority of webmasters are familiar with the cPanel control panel, the offering of custom one may take them some times and energies to tackle the learning curve.

Not Informative Knowledge Base

VodaHost offers a knowledge base that contains some tutorials for you to learn about their hosting service. However, after checking this special area, we can find only a few useful articles that give us the in-depth learning.

In total, this knowledge merely presents less than 150 posts, the majority of which are about the pre-sale questions and billing questions. Therefore, for those who really want to learn something about website building, hosting management and some technical issues, their knowledge base is not very helpful.


Based on this review, we can conclude that VodaHost is a rich-featured web host surely, along with some add-on features that make your hosting life easier. However, they fail to do a good job in terms of the service affordability, reliability, hosting speed, technical support and worry-free online dealing. Considering these points, we do not recommend this web host as a worth-trying option.

Instead, if you are looking for a top quality web hosting provider to run your site, we sincerely suggest you to have a try on BlueHost, InMotion Hosting and WebHostingHub. All of these three web hosts are the leading choices on the web, providing you with the cost-effective web hosting, along with the guaranteed customer service and hosting performance.