How to Integrate Stripe Payment in WordPress

How to Integrate Stripe Payment in WordPress

It is possible that you will handle some e-commerce related things on your WordPress site to make the money online. For instance, you may sell something directly from your site or invite people to register for your paid content. If so, you will need a payment system to accept the payment made by your readers and users. Most webmasters now choose PayPal. But this time, we’d like to introduce another option – Stripe Payment. In the following, you can check the simple steps of how to integrate Stripe Payment in WordPress.

In addition to the steps of Stripe integration with your WordPress site, we also would like to introduce this great payment a lot as below.

What the Stripe Payment Is

To put it simply, the Stripe Payment is a complete e-commerce related toolkit. With its advanced and newest standard, you can run the internet business on your website easily. At present, this tool already handles billions of dollars each day all over the world.

With this software, you can be ensured the fact that you can accept the payments in less than 10 minutes. In addition, the Stripe Payment can assure you with the following great things.

  • This system accepts all the major cards from your users both on the web and via the mobile devices.
  • The card details can be saved based on your needs. This way, people can pay on more time with the single click.
  • You can design the checkout experience on your own or use their built-in and conversion-optimized checkout form.
  • This tool gives you the unified platform. In this case, you do not need to be the payment expert, but can improve the payment experiences for your users.
  • The Stripe Payment is designed with the highest level of security, achieving the PCI-DSS compliance.

Stripe Payment

How to Integrate Stripe Payment in WordPress

If you feel comfortable with using Stripe Payment on your WordPress site, you can make use of the WP Simple Pay Lite for Stripe plugin to achieve the integration.

Upon the plugin installation and the activation, you can find a new tab of Simple Pay Lite in your WordPress admin. You just need to click it so as to navigate to the plugin settings page.

Enter the Stripe Keys

Firstly, you need to enter your Stripe keys. This requires you to sign up for the Stripe account. Here, you simply need to click the Find Your Stripe API Keys Here link, and then, click the Sign Up button from the next page. Here, you only need to provide your email and the account password.

And then, you can get the required information of the secret key and the publishable key in the account dashboard.

Stripe Keys

After entering the needed keys, you also need to remember to switch the Live Mode to On. Note that the Live Mode turns off by default. This allows you to use the Stripe Payment while testing.

Enter the Default Settings

Next, you need to move to the Default Settings part. Here, you can enter the important information for your site to better use the Stripe Payment.

  • The name of your store or your site. The default name is your website title.
  • The currency for the payment. The default option is USD.
  • The image URL that can point to a square image for your product or the brand. The minimum image size is the 128×128 pixel.
  • The text to showcase on the blue button that people clicks to access the checkout process.
  • The text or the label for the payment button during the checkout process.
  • The exact URLs that people can be redirected after the successful payment and the failed payment.
  • Enable or disable the default success message. This is useful if you have your own success page.
  • The requirement for users to enter their billing address at the checkout.
  • The verification for the zip code of the card.
  • The “Remember Me” option on the checkout form, with which users can store the information of their credit card for the future use.
  • The allowance for Bitcoin and Alipay.

Stripe Default Settings

Display the Stripe Payment Button

After saving the configurations in the plugin settings page, now, you have already integrated the Stripe Payment with your WordPress site. And the next thing is to display the payment button by making use of the exclusive plugin shortcode.

Stripe Payment Shortcode

Note that the most basic Stripe Payment shortcode should include the options of “stripe name”, “description” and “amount”. If you want people to provide their billing address or the shipping address, you can also add the attributes of “billing” and “shipping”.

Even, there are some other attributes you can use to display the custom image on the overlay, to change the checkout button text, to pre-fill the email address for the currently logged in users and to showcase the payment details below the web content. The detailed shortcode samples can be found on this resource page.

Now, you can copy and paste the code to the preferred location of your website. This way, when people hit the Purchase button, they can make the payment easily.

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