How to Start an Email Marketing Campaign to Promote Your Site

How to Start an Email Marketing Campaign to Promote Your Site

Among all the other promotion methods for website popularity, the email marketing campaign is a great way that is used by millions of webmasters all around the world. With it, you can inform your readers of any updates and new activities happened on your site with the best efficiency. To be frank, email marketing is great as it can attract your readers to come back to your content day after day.

As many webmasters do not know how to start, in the following, we have listed some tips telling you how to start an email marketing campaign that is all-round to benefit your website promotion.

Build Up a Long Mailing List

To put it simply, the mailing list contains a series of email addresses, to which your newsletter and information can be sent. Generally, the larger your mailing list is, the more people can know about your website changes. To expand the list, you can refer to this tutorial.

Create Informative Email Content

Always bear in mind that your message needs to be attractive enough, so that your subscribers are likely to click the links and re-share your email to their friends or social group. For instance, you can use the excerpts and effective summaries for the content update messages, or, you can also list necessary and insightful questions for information gathering emails.

In fact, the best way to guarantee a brilliant email message is by learning from your competitors. You can subscribe some websites within you niche. Once you get their emails, simply figure out which kinds attract you to open the mail box and which annoy you without reading. This way, you can draft your email ending up the best results.

Make Your Email Humane

This is a great way to maintain your mail list, so that your existing subscribers will not leave you easily. Generally, people are aware that your sending of newsletter is mainly for the marketing purpose, so some of them may unsubscribe your website if they are annoyed to receive your ad-alike emails frequently or even daily. In this case, you’d better try your best to alleviate the possibility. The following tips may help you lot.

  • Do not make your email content business-alike. Instead, you can make it as humane and casual as possible, giving people a sense that they are just receiving a message from their friends.
  • Create an automatic response with great casualty. Thus, subscribers can have a great sense of belonging to your website.
  • Manage your email box frequently, and response to your subscribers as soon as possible.

Add the Opt-in Form

The previous method is mainly for your existing subscribers, while this one is used to attract new subscribers.

The opt-in form allows your random readers to sign up your newsletter or mailing list easily. Commonly, there are two types of this kind of form that can achieve the best efficiency.

Pop Up Form

This opt-in form can be displayed automatically when people enter any of your webpage, along with generally two boxes requiring them to enter their name and email addresses. However, this kind of form might be an annoying component for some people, so you’d better consider the form design and style to erase the negative feeling greatly.

Here, we highly recommend you to use MailChimp for the creation of pop up opt-in form.

Pop Up Form

Sidebar Form

Besides the pop up one, the sidebar form is also popular. It can be located at a fixed place in every of your webpage. In this case, once people are interested in what you offer, they can subscribe to you with much ease.

Sidebar Form

Get the Big Picture of the Marketing Results

After carrying out the email marketing for a while, you’d better monitor the results to figure out whether your current promotion is effective or not. Note that this can be known by learning how your subscribers respond to your email, especially what they do with the links.

Generally, if you have a good click-through rate from the links added into your email, it might be the reasons of either the quality or the main topic of your message. Therefore, you’d better do some analysis to test which kinds of emails are more likely to be responded by your subscribers.

To know this kind of big picture, we highly recommend the utilization of Google Analytics.

Pick the Reliable System for Email Marketing

You have to make sure that your emails are sending to the right recipients properly. Therefore, the selection of related software is critical. Generally, the systems like Mail Chimp and AWeber are the most widely used options that are coming with the basic management of email database and campaign. Thus, if you do not have some specially advanced requirements, you can pick one between them.

Add an Additional Trigger

The addition trigger is a double-sword way to better promote your webpages. On the one hand, this practice triggers the release of the messages about a similar blog post or webpage when people click the links in your email. On the other hand, some impatient people may feel annoyed about it. Therefore, you need to think twice to use this method. But once you success, the chances for more of your webpages to be known by people can be larger than ever before.

Pay Attention to the Subject Line

Generally, if the subject line of your email adds much attraction to your readers, then the marketing just succeeds in half the road. For instance, questions, debates, quotes and stores are more likely to allure readers than many other subjects.

Shorter is Better

As researched, the majority of people have no patience to read a subscription email or newsletter that contains more than 500 words. Therefore, you need to squeeze your content with the most important information. Generally, the number of 300 for a message is the max.

Add a Picture into Message

This method is mainly used to further attract your subscribers to pay attention to your email content. However, you do not need to overly consider it as some email programs like Outlook may prevent the images to be showcased automatically.

Add a Picture into Message

Categorize Your Subscribers

It is great to find that some of your subscribers click your links from the emails and do some call-to-actions, but what about the rest ones? Here, you can track those people who merely or never respond to your message, and then re-sell some other emails that they may like. This is because many of them do not think what you send is what they want. Thus, they do nothing to your emails, and some of these people may even unsubscribe from you.