How to Showcase the Social Media Following Counts in WordPress

How to Showcase the Social Media Following Counts in WordPress

At present, most WordPress users will showcase the social media icons on their websites. This can encourage people to follow your social accounts in the easiest manner, without the need to go to the social media platforms. In addition, you also can display the follower numbers next to these icons. This can convince people that your account is worth following. Here, we will introduce you the simple method of how to showcase the social media following counts in WordPress.

Frankly speaking, the following counts can push people to your social media, check and share your published contents, follow your accounts and listen to your posting. This can, in return, expand the online presence of your WordPress site so as to get more visitors and increase the website traffic easily.

Make Use of the Social Count Plus Plugin

The Social Count Plus plugin is an effective tool that allows you to showcase the number of followers from almost all the hot social media platforms on your WordPress sites. From instance, it counts for your Facebook Fan page, the Google Plus profile page, Pinterest followers, Twitter followers and many more. Note that the showcase of the counts can be achieved via the special widget or the exclusive shortcode. In addition, the results of the count numbers can be cached and checked once a day.

Connect the Social Media with Your WordPress Site

To use this plugin properly, you firstly need to connect your social media accounts with your WordPress site. For this, you can click the Settings > Social Count Plus button upon the installation. Here, from the Settings part, you can activate or deactivate the supported social media for the counting function.

Connect Social Media with WordPress Site

Here, to achieve the connection, you need to enter the required information. For instance, if you want to showcase the Facebook counter, you have to enter the Facebook Page ID, Facebook APP ID and Facebook APP Secret. The Google Plus counter requires the Google Plus ID and the Google API Key. The Twitter counter requires the Twitter username, consumer key, consumer secret, access token and token secret.

After activating your wanted social media and connecting to your WordPress site successfully, you need to save the settings.

Choose the Design of the Following Counter

Now, you can click the Design button to choose the layout models of the following counter. Here, you can pick up among 8 available options. In addition, you can change the text color and control the icon order of your activated social media in the plugin widget.

Design of the Following Counter

Showcase the Following Counter

In fact, there are three methods for you to showcase the following counter for your social media. If you want to display the counter on your page sidebar, you can use the exclusive plugin widget that is named as Social Count Plus.

Social Count Plus Widget

If you want to display the counter on some of your posts or pages, you should use the special shortcode. For getting the shortcode, you can move to the Shortcodes and Functions part. Here, you can find your needed shortcode and paste the code into your target pages.

Counter Shortcode
From the same page, you can also find the PHP function code that can display your following counter in the website header or footer area.