How to Send Out WordPress Receipts Automatically

How to Send Out WordPress Receipts Automatically

The receipt is the written or printed acknowledgment that proves and records the sales of the services or goods. If you are running an e-commerce site, sending out the receipt to your customers is a must-do task. By doing so, you can showcase the professionalism of your online store effectively and give people the enough confidence to purchase from your site one more time. In the following, we’d like to list the easy steps of how to send out WordPress receipts automatically to all your customers.

This time, we highly recommend you to use the Receiptful plugin to achieve this automatic function. This special tool is designed for the e-commerce site that allows you to send out the receipts whenever people make an online deal from you. Note that this plugin works seamlessly with many popular WordPress e-commerce solutions, such as WooCommerce and Shopify. In the following, we will take the WooCommerce based site as an example.

Set Up for the Receiptful General Settings

To begin with, you need to finish all the general setup of this plugin. As this plugin is fully integrated with the WooCommerce shopping cart, the settings page can be found by clicking the WooCommerce > Settings button. And then, you can navigate to the Receiptful tab.

Get the API Key of This Plugin

To get started with this plugin, you firstly need to enter your API key. To get the special key, you should enter this special registration page and provide your personal information firstly, which include your displayed name, email address and the strong password.

Personal Information

Next, you need to finish the store setup. Here, you should pick up the e-commerce option you have chosen to set up your WordPress online store. This time, we choose WooCommerce.

After that, you need to enter the store URL and your company information correctly, including the company name, official email, phone and physical address.

Store Setup

Next, you can choose to use the free version or the upgraded version of this plugin. Note that the free version is enough for most common webmasters, which will add the plugin branding to the receipt footer.

As finished, you can get your exclusive API key. You simply need to copy and paste it into the plugin settings page of your WordPress dashboard. Remember to click the Save Changes button.

Get API Key

Edit the Receiptful Template

The Receiptful plugin gives you the full customization freedom on the template of the receipt. To start the customization, you can click the Edit My Template button below the API Key part.

Edit My Template Button

Now, you can enter the dashboard of your Receiptful account. Here, you need to navigate to the Receipts part and click the Templates button. After that, you can find a default receipt template offered by this plugin, which looks like the following.

Default Receipt

If you are not satisfied, you can click the Edit button to make some changes. Note that there are 6 parts you can modify for your receipt, including the email header, feedback invitation, receipt details, coupon, product recommendations and footer. There is no need for you to have all of these parts included into your receipt. You can remove some of them as you want. Also, you can drag and drop them for the different display order.

Edit Receipt Template

Edit the Header Section of the Receipt

By default, the receipt header looks like the below screenshot. From it, your customers can know the logo of your online business.

Receipt Header

Here, you can upload the logo from your local computer or from the Receiptful profile page. Upon the uploading, you can further adjust and edit the logo if needed. For instance, you can enhance the scenery, add the effects, embed the frames and many more.

Edit Image

In addition, you can enter the image description and decide the display alignment from the image settings area.

Image Settings

Also, if you want, you can change the background color of this header section using the color picker.

Edit the Feedback Section of the Receipt

Unlike the invoice that needs to be professional and official, the online receipt allows you to add more extra contents. For instance, you can showcase the feedback invitation that asks your customers to rate the products or services they have purchased.

Here, you can change the textual content and the background of this part.

Receipt Feedback

Edit the Receipt Details

By default, the receipt includes the information of the purchase date, invoice number, item title and quantity, unit price, total charge, discount, tax and payment information.

Here, you can edit each part and change the words as you want. By moving the mouse on the words and double clicking on them, you can even add the bold, italic, underline, left justify and many other effects freely. Also, the background color can be changed easily.

Edit Receipt Details

Edit the Coupon Section of the Receipt

This part is great to attract customers to purchase from your site once again. Here, you can edit the coupon information and the promotional link as you want. In addition, from the Order Discount Settings, you can choose the coupon type between the cart percentage discount and the cart discount, enter the fixed amount of the discount, determine the expiry days of this coupon and enter the button link. In addition, you can make the coupon valid for the receipt emails only.

Receipt Discount

Edit the Recommendations Section of the Receipt

In addition to the coupon, you can also add some recommendations into the receipt email to encourage customers to make the further deals.

Here, you can display 2 to 6 products in this part. Each product can be displayed with the product image, title and description. Even, you can change the label and the color of the Buy button.

Receipt Recommendations

Edit the Receipt Footer

The footer section of this default template is proper actually. However, you still need to make some changes, such as changing the store title.

Receipt Footer

Make the Further Changes of the Receipt Email

In fact, you can also make some further changes on this template from the left-hand editing panel. For instance, you can change the title font and the content font or add some additional text, images, buttons and many others.

Receipt Further Changes

In addition, as the receipt will be sent out using the email, you can decide the email subject, the pre-header, the localization and the date format.

Receipt Email Settings

Even, you can go back to your Receiptful account dashboard and click the Account > Settings button. Here, from the Social Links part, you can add your social media accounts which include the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more. Note that these social profile links can be added into your receipt email automatically.

Save, Test and Send the Receipt

In fact, from the right-hand of this screen, you can preview your receipt all the times. In this case, if you are satisfied with it, you can click the Save button.

Also, you can test the send-out by clicking the Send Test button. A few seconds later, your email address will receive the testing receipt. Thus, you can know whether it is the one that you like.

Monitor the Receipt Sending

Now, you can go back to the plugin dashboard and turn your receipt email to the live demo. This way, when people make the purchase, they can get the receipt information automatically. Even, from the Receiptful dashboard, you can get the report of how many people have opened the receipt email and how many have clicked the links in it.

Receipt Report