NameCheap VS InMotion Hosting for Business Hosting Solution

NameCheap VS InMotion Hosting for Business Hosting Solution

NameCheap and InMotion Hosting are the leading web hosting providers that serve for a large number of webmasters all over the world with a long time period. The former one focuses on the cheap hosting solutions with the great domain registration service, while the latter one guarantees the fast speed and a high level of hosting reliability.

To better demonstrate the strong points and drawbacks of these two web hosts, we have made the NameCheap vs InMotion Hosting comparison, with which you can choose between them easily based on your personal requirements.

General Comparison

NameCheap is an ICANN registered hosting provider and domain registrar, serving customers since the year of 2001. This web host focuses on the budget-friendliness of web hosting packages, and adopts the latest DELL server technologies to guarantee a high level of reliability.

InMotion Hosting has been in this industry for tens of years. They know the importance of budgets, uptime and speed for all the business owners, thus make good efforts on these aspects. Besides, considering some new webmasters, this web host even guarantees the premium support that is available all the times.

In the following, we have presented a comparison chart, with the results based on our personal testing, editorial opinions and customer reviews for these two web hosts.

Rating NameCheap InMotion
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How Can NameCheap Win Over InMotion Hosting

Offers Cheaper Hosting Packages

When it comes to the merit for NameCheap to edge over InMotion Hosting, the cheap hosting rate must be a point.

With NameCheap, you can choose among 4 plans in total. Each of them charges you at different prices based on the features they offer. With their default promotional campaign, you can purchase them at the charges ranging from $0.82/mo to $17.98/mo effectively.

As for InMotion Hosting, there are 3 packages available for you. Regularly, you are charged starting at $7.99/mo. But no, by visiting through this promotional link, the prices are ranging from $3.49/mo to $7.49/mo, only half of the initial rates.

Clearly, NameCheap offers the cheaper service than InMotion Hosting. Even, they support the credit card and PayPal payment methods while InMotion Hosting only allows you to pay via the credit card.

Some Other Strong Points

NameCheap is a reliable domain registrar that is ICANN accredited. In this case, when talking about the domain registration service, they surely do a better job than InMotion Hosting.

In addition, NameCheap offers the free WhoisGuard service for the first year of registration, protecting your personal identity and sensitive information from being exposed to spammers, fraudsters and online marketers. As for InMotion Hosting, they also offer the similar service that is called Domain Privacy, charging you $9.99 for each year.

How Can InMotion Hosting Win Over NameCheap

As one of the most trust-worthy web hosts, InMotion Hosting can be top-notch in the aspects of feature-richness, uptime, server response speed and technical support. When comparing these aspects with NameCheap, InMotion is absolutely the winner.

Provides a Longer List of Useful Hosting Features

After checking their feature lists, we have to admit that both InMotion Hosting and NameCheap include all the necessary hosting features into their packages, such as plenty of monthly bandwidth, email accounts, FTP accounts, email storage, disk space, sub-domains and parked domains.

In addition, they also all offer the cPanel control panel, SSH, daily backup service, script installer, PHP 5, Apache 2, MySQL 5, Python 2, CGI, Perl, SSI, Ruby on Rails and many more.

When comparing them comprehensively, however, the plans offered by InMotion Hosting are surely more rich-featured for the following aspects.

  • InMotion does not restrict your utilization of disk space unless you carry out the over-consumption. NameCheap, however, sets some restrictions for the Value, Professional and Business SSD plans in this aspect.
  • To help you better market your website, InMotion Hosting includes the free advertising credits for their plans that are valued $250 in total. As for NameCheap, there is no such beneficial extra available.
  • InMotion Hosting supports more than 310 free applications while NameCheap only supports around 100 scripts.

Even, you can enjoy the 90 days money back guarantee with InMotion Hosting. With NameCheap, however, the refund period is shortened to 14 days.

Feature NameCheap InMotion
Plans Professional Power
Storage 50 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Support Applications More than 100 More than 300
cPanel Yes Yes
Advertising Credits No $250
Discounts N/A 50% Off
Discounted Prices $1.66/mo $4.49/mo
How to Claim Not Recommended Promotion Link

Ensures Better Ease of Use

It is true that both of these two web hosts offer the 1-click software installer, with which you can achieve an easy and effortless installation process for all the popular scripts.

However, if you sign up with InMotion Hosting, you can enjoy the pre-installed service for WordPress, PrestaShop and Joomla. When placing the order, you simply need to choose one of them based on your needs, having them installed on your hosting account automatically.

Auto-Installation Service

Achieves the Better Uptime Track Record

To compare them for this aspect, we have carried out two tasks. One is to search for the information of their servers and data centers that have the huge impact on the hosting reliability. Another is to monitor the sample sites hosted with them to check out the uptime statistics.

As for the web servers, both of them adopt the rock-solid machines that are coming with the latest DELL server technologies and industry-standard components. Even, all of their web servers are RAID protected with redundant hard disks to improve the fault tolerance.

When it comes to the data centers that are used to ensure the uninterrupted working of server machines, both of them have multiple options that are located at different places, each of which is equipped with the advanced security technologies, all-time-rounded monitoring, automatic cooling system and many other cutting-edge facilities.

Backed by these great infrastructures, both InMotion Hosting and NameCheap claim to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime with no serious and frequent downtimes. To figure out whether this is the truth, we have started our real-world monitoring since the middle of this year.

As tested, InMotion Hosting is reliable enough to achieve a 100% uptime during the previous months.

As for NameCheap, they also succeed in keeping their promise with the 99.93% uptime.

Here, we have to admit that both of them are reliable web hosting providers, but the service offered by InMotion Hosting is more trustworthy.

Loads Your Webpages with the Faster Speed

When it comes to the hosting speed, InMotion Hosting also has done a better job. To ensure the fast speed, this web host utilizes the great bandwidth providers and solid state drives. Also, they include the CloudFlare CDN service into the packages, with which you can have your hosting speed boosted to a large extent.

In addition, as this web host offers multiple data centers, you can choose one that is near to your target readers in the checkout process, speeding up the page loading with the shortening delivery distance.

When comparing them with NameCheap, they are already 151% faster, only requiring 237 ms for the server response.

Provides Better Technical Support

Technical support is a critical aspect to ensure the top quality of the hosting service. Therefore, both of them provide 24/7 support service with a group of professional support staffs.

As for the difference between them, InMotion Hosting allows you to ask for help by opening a ticket, leaving a question in the Q & A section, dialing the hotline number, clicking the live chat button and delivering an email message. To be frank, these various support channels give you enough freedom and convenience to ask for help.

With NameCheap, however, you can only get the ticket support and the live chat support. To be frank, the lack of phone support is inconvenient for the majority of customers.

In addition, although both of them have the knowledge base that contains useful tutorials for their hosting solutions, the base of InMotion Hosting is surely larger and more useful than that of NameCheap.

Summary – Which One to Choose

Clearly, both InMotion Hosting and NameCheap offer the budget-friendly hosting solutions. However, if you want to enjoy the faster hosting service with more features, better support service and a higher level of hosting reliability, InMotion Hosting is just your choice.

As researched among their customers, this web host achieves a great satisfaction rate with no serious complaints at all.