NameCheap VS GoDaddy on the Quality of Web Hosting Plans

NameCheap VS GoDaddy on the Quality of Web Hosting Plans

Both NameCheap and GoDaddy are distinguished web hosting providers in the market. On account of a great deal of similarities they share with each other, some webmasters feed back to us in emails inquesting which one offers reliable service. This is the reason why we write this comprehensive comparison by having a careful and close examining in many aspects including plans, price, feature, performance and technical support.

To show a general picture of the services from these two companies, we would like to have a brief discussion on their overall ratings at first. Based upon our personal hosting experience combined with a reference of feedbacks from verified customers, we worked out the following table, which shows that both of them obtain 3.5 out of 5 stars in many aspects.

Rating NameCheap godaddy
Plan in Comparison Value Economy
Reliability 3.5 of 5 3.5 of 5
Price 3.5 of 5 3.5 of 5
Feature 3 of 5 3 of 5
Speed 3.5 of 5 3.5 of 5
Technical Support 3 of 5 3 of 5
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What about the Price of Their Plans?

namecheap vs godaddy in priceBoth companies provide various plans of upgradeable levels. Specifically, NameCheap releases 4 web hosting plans in total that are called as Value, Professional, Ultimate, and Business SSD of which the price is starting at $9.88/year, $19.88/year, $29.88/year and $19.88/mo. These plans, except for Business SSD, only comes with a 1-year term.

After the first-year term, the prices increase. They doubles, or even triples the costs mentioned above. The Value, Professional and Ultimate plans are then priced at $38.88/year, $78.88/year and $129.88/year, which is unreasonable.

With regard to GoDaddy, it develops altogether 3 packages that include Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate whose price is starting at $8.99/mo, $13.49/mo and $21.99/mo originally. Owing to an unscheduled discount offered by this company, now the packages can be purchased with costs starting at $5.99/mo.

Besides, NameCheap promises a 14 days money back guarantee whereas GoDaddy claims 30 days.

Which One Comes with Richer Features?

Actually, both companies offer limited features for their basic plans, which are prone to encourage webmasters to upgrade their packages. To be specific, NameCheap comes with 25 GB disk space, 5 hosted domains, 50 subdomains, and 50 FTP users, etc. for its basic package Value. Similarly, the Economy of GoDaddy includes 100 GB disk space, 1 hosted domain, 10 MySQL databases, and 100 email accounts. To clearly show the differences between Value and Economy, we have made the following table.

Feature NameCheap GoDaddy
Plan in Comparison Value Economy
Free Domain No Yes
Disk Space 25 GB 100 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Domains 3 1
Email Addresses 50 100
1-Click Installer Yes Yes
MySQL Databases 50 10
PostgreSQL No No
PHP 5 Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails No No

Furthermore, both companies utilize cPanel as their control panel where webmasters are capable of controlling and changing almost all of the settings through the easy-to-understand and user-friendly interface. Also, they both feature 1-click installer making it possible to install hundreds of projects with just one click of the mouse.

Which One Guarantees Satisfactory Performance?

namecheap vs godaddy in performanceIn the case of data centers, NameCheap owns a number of data centers across Europe and North America. Each data center is equipped with fully redundant key systems for power, network, security and climate control. Similarly, GoDaddy operates totally 9 data centers in Europe, the US and the Asia-Pacific region. Besides, all of them are backed by fully redundant UPS power systems and 24/7 security monitoring.

Our monitoring team tests the two companies’ Linux-based shared hosting plans for months and works out their concrete performance in speed and uptime. Though NameCheap and GoDaddy are large companies in the market, they do not offer so excellent hosting solutions for customers. Here are the outcomes of the uptime monitoring.

  • NameCheap: delivers 99.92% uptime on the average.
  • GoDaddy: delivers 99.93% averagely.

To be honest, their performance in uptime is good. Nevertheless, their server response time fails to keep pace with uptime. According to the detailed statistics we recorded using Pingdom, NameCheap takes 620ms in server response time whereas GoDaddy responses with 780ms. When compared with fast web hosts like InMotion Hosting, they are much too slow. Please read the chart in below to get more information.

Which One Ensures Responsive Technical Support?

namecheap vs godaddy in supportWhen it comes to technical support, these two companies bear a close similarity to each other by providing assistance via email that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Thus, webmasters are able to reach support backed by professional technicians who have accumulated rich experience in setting up, upgrading, and managing a website.

However, the drawback is that NameCheap does not offer phone support while GoDaddy does not provide help via live chat. Both these two channels are indispensable for both native and non-English speakers. Thus, only 31.8% of webmasters are satisfied with the support of GoDaddy. Please get more statistics in the following chart.

Conclusion – Both Are Mediocre Providers

To sum up, NameCheap and GoDaddy are not exceptional web hosting providers due to their limitations in feature, a little bit slow speed and drawback in technical support. To help webmasters spot a better one, we have personally tried services from hundreds of companies and come out the following commendable ones.