Monthly Billing Web Hosting – Linux & Windows Hosting Service

Monthly Billing Web Hosting – Linux & Windows Hosting Service

Looking for a monthly billing web hosting service so that you can try the service with the lowest risk? JustHost is named as the one of the most budget company that provides the month billing web hosting services based on the both Linux and Windows platform, after we had reviewed 100+ well-known web hosting companies.

Monthly billing is something that some self-trusted companies offer you a hassle-free and risk-free transaction. It helps you get the thought how excellent the web host is without really having additional burden on your wallet. You can choose to discontinue for the next month if you have dissatisfaction with the web hosting services, including web hosting loading speed, reliability, security or technical support. In another word, once a web hosting company allows you to pay them monthly, usually that means this company is trust-worth, at least they trusted their service quality.

JustHost provides 36/24/12/1 month(s) plans for its Linux based web hosting service. Even, this web host offers a free domain name with the monthly billing web hosting plan that is valued for $12/year. Because domain name is paid yearly worldwide, once you signed up, JustHost pays $12 to the domain registratar immediately. In this case, if you sign up with JustHost for a month for $6.3 and discontinue in the second month, JustHost loses $5.7 without considering the setup and web hosting cost for the first month.

JustHost web hosting is pricing differently due to the billing cycle. With the longer billing cycle selected, you can get the better price. Additionally, the 64% discount works in the same mechanism. It reduces the hosting charges down to $3.49/mo only.

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Although monthly billing web hosting sounds no-risk, we recommend you going with them for 3 years directly as you can save mostly. With their ANYTIME money back guarantee, your purchase is risk-free.