Media Temple Review – Is Media Temple A Good Choice for Beginners?

Media Temple Review – Is Media Temple A Good Choice for Beginners?

MediaTemple is a US-based web hosting company that has been in this industry since 1998, but it did not release the Grid – the only shared hosting plan until 2006. It has been repeatedly recognized as one of the most suitable web hosts for corporations or professional webmasters building a large and dynamic site with heavy traffic each day. However, for beginners and bloggers, whether Media Temple is a good choice?

Before answering this question, our editors have carried out a review to help readers have a deep knowledge of this company. The Media Temple review mainly focuses on all aspects of its hosting solutions, from which readers can get the specific information about the price, features, performance and technical support.

About Media Temple

MediaTemple is a professional and experienced web hosting provider, offering hosting service for nearly 15 years. At present, it has been serving more than 1.5 million websites with over 125,000 registered customers in 100 countries worldwide. Besides, their customer range is pretty wide and various, from high profile bloggers and experienced webmasters to local businesses and large corporations like Starbucks, Toyota, Samsung, and Adidas.

Media Temple
Media Temple Review

  • Reputation
    rating 3 of 5
  • Features
    rating 3 of 5
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  • Price
    $20/mo, no discount available!

Media Temple Review > Plans & Price

media temple review priceMedia Temple has developed one shared hosting solution called Grid, pricing at $20/mo for a monthly subscription. Maybe now, such high price has surprised most readers. Thus, this company releases one year, two years and three years billing terms, which are starting at $16.67/mo, $15.83/mo and $15/mo, saving up to $60 per year. To be honest, Media Temple is much more expensive than some other hosting providers who price their shared hosting services lower than $4/mo, like InMotion, BlueHost and JustHost.


  • Monthly Subscription
  • Annual Subscription

Payments Channels

  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards

Besides, such expensive hosting solution doesn’t include domain registration fee. That is to say, people have to pay extra money for a new domain name, which is pricing at $15/yr. For more advanced features, like SSL Certificate, CloudTech Security Pack and CloudTech Site Mover, customers need to pay $75/yr, $49/yr and $150/one time respectively.

With regard to money back guarantee, according to its terms of service, no refund will be issued for any accounts cancelled. Furthermore, there are some items that are completely non-refundable including setup fees, domain name registration and redemption fees, renewal fees, and handling fees. Considering the domain name registration fees and no money back guarantee, the service provided by MediaTemple is not very cost-effective.

Media Temple Review > Features

Media Temple FeaturesThe Grid plan of Media Temple features 100 GBs of premium storage, 1 TB of short-path bandwidth, 100 unique websites, 2,000 GPUs, 100 databases, and 1,000 email addresses, which has the ability to satisfy the needs of most websites. Also, it enables a bunch of pre-installed technologies, including PHP5.5 with FastCGI, MySQL5.1, Perlv5.10.1, Apache 2.2.22, etc. Undoubtedly, Grid is a good option for hosting the website based on Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.

Another notable feature is the control panel. Grid provides customers with its AccountCenter custom control panel. As we all know, cPanel is the most popular control panel in the world, and it has the largest user group. Most webmasters utilize it to manage their websites, and for these who get used to cPanel, it is time-consuming to use a brand new custom control panel. Besides, it is slightly hard to navigate this custom control panel since it offers no tutorials for users.

You need to think twice before deciding to go with Media Temple. Apart from its limited features and non-user-friendly control panel, its email service is also awful. Email issue is one of the most significant and disturbing problems that most customers complain. According to the survey result from hundreds of users, most of them encounter email issues including the incapable spam filter and frequent bounce-backs and undeliverable emails.

Media Temple Review > Speed & Uptime

Media Temple PerformanceMediaTemple has multiple state-of-the-art datacenters built in Virginia and California, with enhanced power and cooling capacity. All of the centers are working 24/7/365 with on-site armed security around-the-clock. In this circumstance, Media Temple guarantees 100% uptime.

MediaTemple has promised that every bit of its hardware, software, and infrastructure is carefully designed for the fastest speed and the highest level of reliability. Besides, it offers CloudFlare with Railgun, which can speed up the websites to a large extent. And now, all MySQL SmartPool servers are powered by SSDs so as to clear up all database matters that slow down the website speed.

The below statistics are worked out for the sake of objectivity by hosting a new website with this web host and conducting a real-time monitoring using Pingdom. To be honest, its performance in uptime is good. However, its server response time is not that impressive.

  • Uptime: MediaTemple delivers 99.95% uptime on the average.
  • Server Response Time: MediaTemple takes 678ms averagely.

Media Temple Review > Technical Support

technical supportCustomers can get their problems resolved by contacting support staffs via various methods, including dialing the hotline number, chatting online, opening support request, emailing questions and sending tweets.

In addition, webmasters are capable of seeking assistance via extensive self-help resources including knowledgebase and forums. Via referring to the knowledgebase, webmasters can find out a solution for a specific technical issue by entering keywords in the searching box. Also, there are announcements and web discussions in the forums for the reference.

We collected user comments on the internet and found that 20 minutes or more is the typical waiting time. Besides, it promises a 20-hours response to support tickets, but in most cases, you can get preformatted responds, or just be offered a web link to its knowledge base after the 20 hours wait.

It seems that all staffs have access to your information because many customers reflect that employees of Media Temple change files without the permission of clients.

Summary > Not A Good Option for Beginners

MediaTemple is undoubtedly a reliable and safe web host, but honestly, we don’t think this web hosting company is a good choice for new webmasters. After all, newbies generally set up the personal blogs or small websites, which do not require too many server resources and features, so there is no need to purchase such a costly web hosting package.

In fact, there are many other web hosts which offer the same level of hosting solution as MediaTemple, but offer a much more budget-friendly pricing, such as the following ones.