Linux Hosting VS Windows Hosting – Requirement Driven Choice

Linux Hosting VS Windows Hosting – Requirement Driven Choice

If you have no idea on the difference b/w Linux and Windows hosting, the comparison helps you decide hosting platform by in-depth introduction of the specification, performance, security, technical support and price for Linux and Windows hosting solutions, and the case-by-case guide you for the proper hosting platform.

In fact, there are many difference between Linux and Windows hosting including programming languages, database types and security, but it’s hard to have an exact conclusion for which one is better. Our suggestion is to choose a web host based on its features and services rather than Linux or Windows OS. However, if you have a special requirement for the websites, you shall check the web hosting compatibility before ordering. If not, we recommend you letting web hosts for the complicated technical details, and only focusing on your website content. As a website, the content is the most important anyway.

There are some arguments insist that Linux hosting is always better than Windows hosting, but it’s simply not true, particular after Microsoft released Windows Server 2008R2. With the latest Windows Server edition, the Windows hosting security is even slightly better than Linux Hosting.

Linux Hosting VS Windows Hosting > Common Features

Compared to Linux hosting, Windows hosting is still widely used for blogging, album, social network, web presence, forum, etc. Actually, choosing Linux hosting or Windows hosting have a lot of things in common from business perspective, including control panel, email, FTP, file management, etc.

Feature Linux Hosting Windows Hosting
Control Panel cPanel WebSitePanel
Business Web Presence Yes Yes
Blog Yes Yes
Photo Gallery Yes Yes
Forum Yes Yes
Show Case Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes
FTP Yes Yes
File Manager Yes Yes
WebSite Manager Yes Yes
Domain Manager Yes Yes
Application Installer Yes Yes
Recommended Host BlueHost Host4ASP.NET

Linux Hosting VS Windows Hosting > How to Choose

We divide the web hosting users into 3 categories by requirement.

  1. Programmers – looking for a web host to publish the websites developed by themselves.
  2. Peronsal Demand – looking for a web host to create a website for blogging, photo gallery, forum, family, etc.
  3. Small Business Demand – looking for a web host to create the web presence or create a company blog, showcase, etc.

For Programmers

If you’re a programmer, we recommend you deciding on the hosting platform based on the requirement of programming lanuage and technology as following.

Feature Linux Hosting Windows Hosting
PHP Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes No
Python Yes No
Perl Yes No
Shell Access Yes No
MySQL Yes Yes
PostgreSQL Yes No
Recommended Host BlueHost Host4ASP.NET

PHP & MySQL is supported by both Linux hosting and Windows hosting, but ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight and MSSQL are only supported by Windows hosting, and Ruby on Rails, Python and Perl are usually only supported by Linux hosting.

For Personal Demand

We recommend you going with Linux hosting for your blog, photo gallery, forum, family, etc. Linux hosting provides all the features in business level that Windows hosting provided, but Linux hosting is usually more affordable.

BlueHost, the largest shared web hosting company that has only offered a single all-in-one unlimited Linux-based web hosting plan since 1996. BlueHost includes various features with the hosting plan to help people build a site quickly, such as free domain, free email and SimpleScripts which allows people to 1-Click set up websites using 150+ applications. Bluehost hosting solution is widely used by personal and small businesses. They are now serving for 2+ million customers, and the number is still fast growing at speed of 20,000 domains for each week. To learn more about BlueHost, visit

For Small Businesses

If you’re looking for a small business web hosting service, we still recommend you going with Linux hosting. There are more open source & free software and applications running better for Linux hosting than Windows hosting. You can easily find more than 200 applications for your website whatever you need a blog, album, forum, showcase or ecommerce site.

InMotion hosting is the best hosting for small businesses. It was founded in 2001 in Virginia Beach, designed for small and medium businesses by offering rich hosting solutions meeting the different size of websites, including business web hosting, VPS and dedicated server. Even the site you’re reading is hosted with InMotion business web hosting. We’re very satisfied with their web hosting performance, reliability, security and technical support, although it’s a little more expensive than cheap web hosts designed for personals. To learn more about InMotion business hosting, visit

Linux Hosting VS Windows Hosting

This is what our opinion for web hosting OS: please pay less attention on the OS, but more attention on the website requirement & service. Essentially, OS is only designed to help people better interact with computers, and the eventual goal is on the problem resolution. How well the OS does its job and then gets out of the way, without calling too much attention to itself, should be the next generation of OS competition.