How to Allow People to Like or to Dislike WordPress Comments

How to Allow People to Like or to Dislike WordPress Comments

Have you opened your comment section to better engage with your readers? If so, are you looking to enable the like or dislike feature for your comment system? With this special feature, people can upvote and downvote all the comments on your blog posts so as to better improve the engagement. In the following, we’d like to introduce the easy method of how to allow people to like or to dislike WordPress comments on your website.

Note that instead of presenting some lines of code to achieve this goal, we are much more likely to introduce the utilization of WordPress plugins. This is great for most common users and newbies.

Allow People to Like or to Dislike WordPress Comments

It is a common sense that comments play a vital role in improving the user engagement. With the better engagement, people are more likely to spend more time on your website and also come back later. However, the issue is that many people feel less motivation to leave and to check the comments only. They need more reasons to stay on your site.

In this case, you can allow them to like or to dislike the available comments. This way, your website visitors not only can interact with your blog posts, but also with the comments. At present, this special system has been widely used by some popular social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. And you can add it to your WordPress site by making use of the below plugin.

Make Use of the Comment Like Dislike Plugin

The Comment Like Dislike plugin is an easy and free WordPress add-on tool. With it, you can add the Like and the Dislike icon for each comment on your site. The icon options are various, including the thumb up, thumb down, right, wrong, smiley, frown and some others.

After installing this plugin on your website, you can click the Comments tab. Here, you can find a new option added – Comments Like Dislike. You just need to hit on it to finish some settings.

Decide the Most Basic Settings

From the Basic Settings part, you firstly need to tick the checkbox of Status to enable this special function in the front-end of your site. And then, you need to make the decision for the following 4 main aspects.

  • Display the icons for Like and for Dislike before the comments or after the comments.
  • Display the Like icon only, the Dislike icon only or showcase both of them.
  • Restrict users to show their Like and Dislike based on cookies or ID addresses.
  • Showcase the Like icon or the Dislike icon firstly.

Decide Basic Comment Settings

Choose the Design Settings

This plugin allows 4 default templates for the Like and the Dislike icons. Here, you can choose your preferred one from this part. Note that you can preview the final result easily. In addition, you can choose the icon color and the count color based on your preference.

Even, you have the freedom to choose the custom option. For this, you simply need to upload the icons from your local computer.

Choose the Design Settings

Now, you can click the Save Settings button. And your comment section can look like the following sample.

Comment Like and Dislike