JumpLine Review – Is It Good for Blogging?

JumpLine Review – Is It Good for Blogging?

Founded in 1997, JumpLine is an affordable web host that focuses on delivering the best hosting solutions with high quality customer service. Backed by redundant networks and cutting-edge hardware, this company claims to guarantee the most reliable hosting service with peak performance. Even, all of their high-powered plans are 50% off the initial annual charging at present, along with plenty of necessary features for running and administering your website.

Now, to figure out whether this web host is as such a great option as they advertise, we have made a JumpLine review based on several aspects, including affordability, features, performance and support. The results of each aspect are coming from our personal trying and customer feedbacks totally.

JumpLine Review

  • Reputation
    rating 3 of 5
  • Features
    rating 3 of 5
  • Performance
    rating 2.5 of 5
  • Support
    rating 3 of 5
  • Price
    rating 4 of 5$4.97/mo, 50% off $7.95/mo regularly

The Great Aspects of JumpLine Web Hosting

This web host has done two things great that may far exceed the common hosting providers. These include affordable hosting packages and satisfactory uptime track records.

Affordable Hosting Packages

This web host has three web hosting plans named as Stacked, Layered and Expanded. Regularly, you are charged starting at $7.95/mo. At present, however, all the plans are cut 50% off for the annual billing circle, with which you can sign up with these packages at the prices of $4.97/mo, $7.47/mo and $9.97/mo respectively.

To be frank, the discounted prices of JumpLine are absolutely affordable as compared with many other web hosts that charge you around $7/mo on average. However, you have to note that the 50% discount is only valid to the annual billing. If you choose the monthly billing, the hosting rates are starting at $9.95/mo.

Great Uptime Track Record

Just like some other web hosts that claim to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime for all the hosted websites, JumpLine also tries their best to keep such a promise. To review this aspect, we have done two things – check the information of their web servers and data centers as these are the core factors that affect the hosting reliability greatly, as well as starting an online monitoring to get the most precise uptime track record.

  • JumpLine only utilizes the best DELL PowerEdge servers that can guarantee the highest level of reliability and hosting performance. All of these machines are featuring 32 GB of memory, 64-bit Opteron cores, RAID 10 drives and dual power supplies. Backed by these things, your website contents and data can be delivered from the server machine to the browsers of your readers instantly with the highest level of stability.
  • This web host rents 3 data centers that are connected with numerous backbone providers. In this case, you can enjoy multiple gigabit internet connection for the maximum reliability. Besides, with a lot of advanced facilities including redundant power unit, climate control, security system and 24/7 monitoring, all the server machines can be promised to work properly.

As for the uptime monitoring, we have our sample site hosted with JumpLine Stacked plan for about 3 months. With the help of Uptime Robot, we have found that this web host is reliable enough to achieve at least 99.9% uptime. The following chart demonstrates the result of the last 30 days. During the period, our testing site is only down for 7 minutes in total.

JumpLine Uptime

The Drawbacks of JumpLine Web Hosting

As for the downside of this web host, we have found several aspects, including the page loading speed, technical support, money back guarantee, website backup and feature offerings.

Relatively Slow Page Loading Speed

To be frank, the hosting speed of JumpLine is not that satisfactory according to our performance testing. Far behind some quality web hosts like BlueHost that only requires 300 ms on average to respond each request, this hosting provider already doubles the time consumption, requiring about 700 ms for each server response.

JumpLine Speed

Besides, after going through their official site and searching on Google, we have found that this web host does not adopt some special technologies to boost the hosting speed. Even the most popular CloudFlare CDN is not included into the packages.

Unsatisfactory Technical Support

JumpLine offers US based technical support in case you are in any hosting troubles. Once you want to contact their support representatives, you can choose to call them using the hotline number and submit a support ticket. It seems that this web host has the live chat support, but the chat button does not work for opening a chat window. In addition, this web host claims to offer 24/7 support, but their phone support is only available from Monday to Friday during the time period of 9 am to 7 pm.

As for the respond efficiency, we are not satisfied. We are confused about their money back guarantee and have opened a ticket for inquiring this. However, we get nothing responded.

Confused Money Back Guarantee

This web host fails to showcase any information about their money back guarantee. Only in their Terms of Services page, we have found something unclear.

According to their statement, you can cancel your account within the initial 30 days through your Customer Manager account. However, the question of whether you can be refunded after the cancellation does not be answered. Besides, some real customers claim that they fail to get the refund even if they submit the cancellation within the initial month.

Note that this web host states clearly that they do not offer any prorated refund, meaning that you can hardly get a truly risk-free and worry-free online purchase with this hosting provider.

Unsafe Website Backup

The hosting feature of daily backup is included into the hosting packages. However, it does not mean that your website is risk-free with the backup files. JumpLine is not responsible for the files and data that are residing in your server. Therefore, once their backups fail, you cannot restore your website properly.

If you want to enjoy their exclusive service for restoring from the backup, you have to pay additional $50 each time.

Linux Only

We have to note that JumpLine only focuses on the Linux based web hosting plan. Therefore, if you are wishing for a Windows hosting solution, you’d better go for another company.

Poor Features

Maybe you are willing to pay extra money for an excellent shared hosting solution, but you still need to confirm that it is worth your dollars. So in this part we talk about the cost-effectiveness of JumpLine based on its features.

We have to say that the three shared hosting plans are relatively limited when compared with other plans at the same pricing level. The storage, monthly data transfer and email accounts of all plans are limited, while many other web hosts set no limits on these features.

Perhaps the only advantage is that the company gives clients an option of selecting control panel. Customers can choose cPanel or Plesk panel to manage their websites. Unlike other companies that improve cPanel and Plesk panel with more functional application and management tools, JumpLine provides a really basic control panel, and you have to install each feature manually. Therefore, speaking of the control panel, our conclusion is that despite being very featured-limited it’s difficult to use.

We list some features you may want to know in below features table, and we believe that the table will show you how limited JumpLine shared hosting is.

Features Stacked Layered Expanded
Storage 10GB 15GB 20GB
Monthly Bandwidth 100GB 150GB 200GB
Email Accounts 100 150 200
Dedicated IP Address Available Available Available
FTP Accounts 10 15 20
Virtual Hosts 10 15 20
MySQL Databases 10 15 20
SSH Access No Yes Yes


We cannot deny that JumpLine is a reliable and affordable web hosting provider that can guarantee you a stable website running without costing you too much. However, when it comes to the hosting speed, technical support, hosting features, website backup and restoration and money back guarantee, this web host is not a good option at all.

In this case, if you are really looking for a quality web host, we highly recommend the following three options, each of which is trustworthy that has been adopted by a large number of webmasters, bloggers and business owners.