iPage VS InMotion- Which Is the Better Choice for eCommerce Websites?

iPage VS InMotion- Which Is the Better Choice for eCommerce Websites?

We write this comprehensive comparison between iPage and InMotion Hosting for purpose of helping our readers make a clear distinction of the hosting services for eCommerce websites. In the following, we keep a watchful eye on several respects including prices, features, performance and technical support.

At the first place, we have a little discussion on the overall ratings of the services from these two companies with which a general understanding can be got before in-depth comparing.


money savingiPage provides one unique shared web hosting package called as the iPage Essential Plan whose price is starting at $8.99/mo regularly. Currently, this package is available with a 75% discount with which all people are capable of buying the service with only $2.25/mo via the below exclusive promotional link.

By contrast, InMotion Hosting comes with 3 upgradeable packages for shared web hosting including Launch, Power and Pro. On a regular basis, their prices are starting at $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $15.99/mo. Now with a 56% discount offered, the price can be cut down to be as low as $3.49/mo for all people going with this exclusive promotional link.

Together with the above fascinating discount, packages from both companies are integrated with a great number of extra freebies. Specifically, iPage provides up to $200 free advertising credits including $100 for Google, $50 for Facebook and $50 for Yahoo!/Bing. Differently, InMotion Hosting offers $275 free credits for Launch whereas it provides $300 for Power and Pro.


rich featuresPackages from both companies offer unlimited resources including disk space, bandwidth, and email addresses and so forth. When it comes to the control panel, InMotion takes advantage of cPanel that does great contributions in making it simple to administrate eCommerce websites. Comparatively, iPage uses vDeck, which will make webmasters who are accustomed to cPanel feel more or less uncomfortable.

Moreover, their packages are designed with some advanced features for eCommerce websites. To be specific, iPage comes with free online store, PayPal integration, Shared SSL, and various choices of shopping cart including ShopSite, osCommerce and AgoraCart. By comparison, InMotion Hosting features 1-click shopping cart installation with which webmasters are enabled to start their online and selling in minutes.

Feature iPage InMotion Hosting
cPanel No Yes
Disk storage Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
SSD No Yes
SSH No Yes
Free Domain Yes No
PostgreSQL Yes Yes
Ruby no Yes
PHP 5 Yes Yes
Python No Yes
Perl 5 Yes Yes
Money-Back Guarantee Anytime 90 Days
Link Activation Link Activation


performanceiPage operates 2 data centers equipped with redundant power supply, diesel generators, and some advanced technologies. Similarly, its competitor also utilizes 2 data centers which are situated on the East and West coast and famed for Max Speed Zone technology that ensures 6x faster speed.

Like the vast majority of web hosts, these two companies also claim 99.9% uptime. In order to check whether they have made good on their promise, we have personally monitored their respective uptime in the past 30 days. In accordance with the detailed statistics we have recorded, we make the following list of their uptime.

  • iPage: delivers 99.95% uptime on average during the past 30 days.
  • InMotion Hosting: delivers approximately 100% uptime averagely in the past month.

Server response time is another criterion that should be attached to great importance. Therefore, we have personally hosted 2 websites on their servers and launched a real-time monitoring. The outcome manifests that iPage required 559ms whereas its competitor consumes 237ms. In below, we show a detailed chart for reference.

Technical Support

tech supportTechnical support always tops the priority for webmasters who host eCommerce websites. As two leading providers in the field, both of them offers responsive 24/7 technical support available through toll-free phone and live chat. With the assistance of hundreds of technicians who have been specializing in eCommerce hosting for many years, customers are always enabled to seek responsive technical support with high speed.

Meanwhile, there are help centers available on the official websites of these two companies where customers are able to learn how to handle with some common technical matters by their own through knowledgebase, FAQs, and tutorial, and so on.

Freedom for the Selection of Hosting Types

In order to give you enough freedom to choose your preferred hosting solution, InMotion Hosting offers 3 packages for their reliable shared web hosting. Each plan comes with different charges, allocations of disk space and bandwidth, numbers of MySQL database, allowed sub-domains and some additional services such as Pro Level Support. In this case, you can pick up the most suitable one after analyzing your budgets and required hosting features. This simply allows you to enjoy what you want without the need to spend the additional money.

If you choose to sign up with iPage, however, you have no right to choose your preferred plan, for they only offer an all-in-one package with the pre-determined hosting charge and features.

Quality of CMS Hosting

At present, most webmasters choose to use some powerful and easy-to-use CMSs to set up their websites. In this case, both InMotion Hosting and iPage ensure the full support for almost all the widely used options such as osCommerce, WordPress, bbPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal and PrestaShop. In order to promise the proper script installation and running, they all guarantee the 100% compatibility with the below server requirements.

  • The latest versions of MySQL, PHP and Apache.
  • Sufficient allocation of disk storage and PHP memory limit.
  • Required extensions such as mod_rewrite.
  • suPHP for the better overall security.

In addition, they all offer the 1-click CMS installer to ease your burden for installing your preferred tool on your hosting account. With this installer, you can finish the installation process within minutes via a few clicks.

Even, as WordPress is the number one option for most webmasters, both iPage and InMotion Hosting offer the managed WordPress hosting, with which you can get more features to support your WordPress based websites, enjoy the WordPress optimized hosting environment and ask for help from some WordPress experts.

Conclusion – Both Deserve Recommendation

From the in-depth comparison above, we eventually arrive at the conclusion that both iPage and InMotion Hosting are worth of going. But it’s obvious that InMotion is more recommendable for webmasters looking for high-performance and feature-rich hosting service provider.