HostWinds Review – Shared Hosting Rating & Secret Revealing

HostWinds Review – Shared Hosting Rating & Secret Revealing

Established in 2010, HostWinds is a rather young web hosting provider. Focusing on low-cost hosting, this company has striven to fulfill its mission of changing the hosting industry as well as introducing a brand new set of standards.

However, in today’s highly competitive hosting industry, there are many hosts offering sub-standard services at alluring prices while others provide quality services at premium prices. Therefore, it is indeed hard to find a middle ground between these two extremes, not even to mention change the hosting industry.

We are going to make an overall review of this company in terms of shared hosting and reveal the secrets of its good aspects and drawbacks regarding the affordability, features, performance, and technical support. Hopefully, this HostWinds review helps readers to decide whether it provides the right shared hosting.

HostWinds Review

  • Reputation
    rating 3 of 5
  • Features
    rating 3 of 5
  • Performance
    rating 2.5 of 5
  • Reliability
    rating 2.5 of 5
  • Support
    rating 3 of 5
  • Price

How’s HostWinds affordability?

As for shared hosting, HostWinds provides a total of three choices, namely, Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate. As suggested by their names, these three hosting plans are designed for hosting one website, several, and multiple websites respectively.

The prices of these hosting plans are $4.5/mo, $5.5/mo, and $6.5/ mo in several. Compared with other budget hosting providers, such as WebHostingHub and JustHost, who provide shared hosting at even less than $3/mo, HostWinds is not that cost-effective.

When it comes to the payment methods, HostWinds supports credit cards, PayPal, and Google Checkout. Also, the company provides a 60-day money back guarantee, which to some extent gives users more initiatives in testing out whether it offers the appropriate shared hosting.

What about HostWinds features?

Basic features

Even if the shared hosting packages of HostWinds are not as low-cost as they are claimed to be, they are still relatively rich-featured.

For shared hosting, HostWinds provides unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, FTP accounts, and MySQL databases. Also, it assures each hosting plan with free dedicated IP addresses and nightly backups.

Control panel

To manage servers and sites, users are provided with the latest cPanel, one of the most user-friendly control panels in the industry. Also, Softaculous is integrated with this available cPanel to simplify the installation of multiple popular applications, such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc.

Free website transfer

To attract more users, HostWinds offers the free website transfer service. The main benefit of this service lies in that users only have to perform the following operations to get their websites transferred in a simple way.

  • Complete the form submission.
  • Wait for HostWinds support team to migrate site contents and reconfigure site settings.
  • Change DNS settings after the migrations.

How’s HostWinds performance?

Data center

The data center that HostWinds utilizes is located in Dallas, Texas. All of HostWinds servers are put in this world’s first technology market center.

This data center is equipped with fairly nice cooling and security systems to guarantee a reliable hosting environment. Four 500-ton Trane chillers, dual water mains, and diverse entries are all adopted. Moreover, technicians are monitoring the systems and networks 24×7.


On top of cooling and security systems, the data center uses state-of-the-art generators together with HostWinds enterprise electrical systems. This grants HostWinds the confidence in providing a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

For test purpose, we have signed up HostWinds and monitored our websites on its servers for a long time. According to our monitoring outcomes, this 99.9% uptime guarantee has been followed.

HostWinds Uptime


However, the server response speed and page loading speed of HostWinds are not that satisfying. After all, with shared hosting, users cannot expect the host to provide unlimited bandwidth and disk space as it claims. To make it clearer for understandings, we have compared the speed of HostWinds with that of InMotion Hosting, one of the big names in the industry.

According to the comparison results, the average server response time of HostWinds is about 338ms which is approximately 30% slower than InMotion. More detailed statistics about InMotion server response time can be checked in this InMotion review.

The following image displays the server response time of HostWinds.

HostWinds Server Response Time

What about HostWinds support?

HostWinds offers video tutorials and a knowledgebase for users to find out solutions in a self-helping way. Also, it provides a ticket system and 24×7 phone and email supports, with which users are able to access the customer service representatives. As an addition, the email of Peter Holden, the CEO of HostWinds, is available for users’ queries.

It should be admitted that HostWinds has paid much attention to customer support and customer satisfaction. However, there is no such a thing as a perfect service. HostWinds has received some complaints about the support effectiveness and inconvenience.

Gone with the wind or not?

From this in-depth review, we have to admit that HostWinds is a fairly good host. It provides relatively rich-featured hosting plans and makes constant efforts in keeping its uptime and customer satisfaction guarantees. However, there are some obvious flaws with HostWinds. The prices of its hosting plans are not competitive, and its overall performance is not excellent.

It’s certain that being young does not equal to being inexperienced. Therefore, we are not going to owe these above-mentioned flaws of HostWinds to its five-year hosting ages. However, it remains a wiser choice to choose an experienced host that numerous webmasters move to every day.

As a result, we recommend the following providers for shared web hosting. They are reputable for their prices, features, performances, and supports, which help to maximize customers interests in an all-around way.