GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting Review – 50% Discount

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting Review – 50% Discount

If you are looking for an excellent web host to host your WordPress sites or blogs, you shall not miss this in-depth review on GreenGeeks WordPress hosting. As a well-recognized WordPress hosting provider, GreenGeeks is succeeded in delivering budget, reliable and green WordPress hosting services for customers all over the world.

Founded in 2006 by Trey Gardner, GreenGeeks is a leading green web host guaranteed 300% wind energy powered service. With several years’ fast development, GreenGeeks is now hosting over 80,000 websites, including more than 25,000 WordPress sites, approximately making up 30% of the total number.

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting Customer Satisfaction

GreenGeeks has been trusted by its customers and highly recommended by a coupon of hosting review sites. According to the statistics in the 43 real customer reviews received by our sister site BestHostingSearch, a large portion of WordPress users are satisfied with the GreenGeeks WordPress hosting service. For example, 92.1% of the 43 customers are satisfied with the overall performance of GreenGeeks, while 93.3% of them have expressed their satisfaction with GreenGeeks WordPress hosting reliability and control panel.

The 90% customer satisfaction rate is a high number that you should know only a few outstanding WordPress hosting providers gotten such accredits from their customers, but there are still 5% of angry customers. GreenGeeks has always been trying to provide considerate actions to take care of the WordPress customers’ needs. However, there are still a few defects of the GreenGeeks WordPress hosting plan including price and hosting speed.

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting Advangtages

Based on our research, the GreenGeeks WordPress hosting advantages include the WordPress hosting compatibility, easy-to-use control panel, green energy and responsive support.


GreenGeeks has been proved to be 100% compatible with WordPress, for its every feature required by WordPress as well as lots of other features that optimizes WordPress customers’ experience.

As known, WordPress is developed with PHP programming language and uses MySQL database. The GreenGeeks WordPress hosting plan offers the latest version of PHP (PHP 5.3.x) as well as run PHP as suPHP to increase the security of WordPress sites and blogs, and allows customers to create multiple WordPress sites on 1 account. Besides, GreenGeeks supports mod_rewrite for SEO-friendly URLs, helping the blogs or websites get a better ranking in search engines.

Control Panel

The WordPress installation can never be easier with the most user-friendly cPanel and Softaculous – the 1-click installer of 280+ applications and software. You just need a click on the web UI. Then the WordPress site will be automatically set up in 30 seconds. You don’t need to read the complicated WordPress deployment instruction and understand the shared web hosting configuration & optimization.

GreenGeeks also provides a free premium site builder for WordPress customers who need an ecommerce or a more professional business web presence. Besides, the site builder comes with 1000+ free themes and templates, which allows customers to fully function the power of internet to their businesses.


GreenGeeks is the best green web hosting. Working with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, GreenGeeks has always been devoting itself to the environment protection and providing customers with green hosting experience. For every unit power consumed from the grid, GreenGeeks purchases 3 times of wind energy credits to send 300% wind-powered energy back to the grid to offset GreenGeeks carbon footprint. That is exactly how GreenGeeks’ 300% Green works.

In addition to the wind energy credits, all the servers of GreenGeeks are reconfigured to run more efficiently with less energy consumption on the server and in the cooling process. The green technologies GreenGeeks adopted are all aimed at promoting a more eco-friendly consciousness through the Internet.


GreenGeeks provides 24×7 technical support via live chat, toll-free phone and email. To guarantee that customers’ requests been responded in the shortest time as possible, GreenGeeks staffs take a coupon of actions, including hiring sufficient employees working for 24 hours during a day, bring cooked meals to the office to keep themselves on the seats, email/phone alerts for the pending requests, etc.

For more visualized answers to common questions, you can also search the knowledgebase and FAQs in the help center, or watch the large number of tutorial videos which can help solve your problems step by step.

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting Disadvantages

The GreenGeeks WordPress hosting speed is just on the average of all the web hosts which we had reviewed so far. Meanwhile, the price is higher than the average of WordPress hosts designed for personal and small business as it devotes into the eco-friendly business.


The GreenGeeks WordPress hosting speed is not outstanding due to the data center they choosen. GreenGeeks doesn’t have a dedicated data center owned by itself. Instead, GreenGeeks utilizes the dedicated servers from SingleHop, a famous budget dedicated server hosting provider.

Based on our editors’ performance comparison on hosting the same WordPress site with GreenGeeks and BlueHost, GreenGeeks is nearly 17% slower than BlueHost, as the following statistics chart.


In terms of GreenGeeks WordPress hosting plan, GreenGeeks offers only one plan named “Eco Site Plan” which charges for $7.95/mo. Now GreenGeeks limited-time promotion is going on to provide a discounted price of $3.96/mo for all customers visiting GreenGeeks via this 50% promotion link presented in below.

GreenGeeks Promotion Link Activation
Pricing Details

  • 1 year plan
  • 2 years plan
  • 3 years plan

Payment Method

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal


As the best eco-friendly hosting provider over the world, the GreenGeeks WordPress hosting plan is the best eco-friendly choice for hosting small-sized WordPress sites and blogs. If you’re a eco-friendly user looking for a cheap WordPress hosting choice, we highly recommend you going with GreenGeeks. To learn more about GreenGeeks, visit