Dot5Hosting Review – Is the Hosting Package Right for You?

Dot5Hosting Review – Is the Hosting Package Right for You?

Dot5Hosting, founded in 2002, is a small company focused on shared web hosting services. It has been in the industry for over a decade. However, the reputation of Dot5Hosting is not as good as that of some leading hosting companies such as BlueHost, InMotion, etc.

When asked whether Dot5Hosting is exactly right for you, your answers may be quite different because the judging standards vary from individual to individual. Here, we are going to make a brief review on both the great aspects and the drawbacks of Dot5Hosting. In the end, we will make a summary on this evaluation and give you some appropriate suggestions.

What’s Good of Dot5Hosting?

Fairly good features

Dot5Hositing provides many basic features like unlimited disk storage, free domain name, unlimited email accounts, etc. Each individual email account has a storage capacity of 500MB or 10,000 email messages.

Besides, there are many other features.

  • Free shopping carts and website builders are available.
  • CGI, Ruby, Perl, PHP, MySQL are all supported.
  • The QuickStart wizard is provided to select domains, set up emails, and create sites.

Additionally, you will get access to some bonus features, such as $100 marketing credit for Yahoo! and Bing Search Marketing, free listing on, 1GB cloud storage, etc.

Relatively fast speed & fine performance

Dot5Hosting uses more than 800 servers that are based on two data centers in the Boston and MA areas. They claim that they are able to endow you with high web hosting performance. In addition, they utilize over seven backbone providers to offer you with relatively continuous services.

Many other advanced hosting measures and technologies, such as dual redundant M71 routers, 24×7 security, mirrored storage backups, etc, are also adopted to guarantee you to some extent reliable operations.

We have been monitoring Dot5Hosting for a long time to evaluate its speed. The following results may give you an intuitive understanding of the hosting package.

Dot5Hosting Speed

Why Not Do5Hosting?

Poor price value

At the time of writing this review, Dot5Hosting is making a sales promotion. There is a 40.4% price off of its hosting service from $9.99/mo regularly to $5.95/mo. This promotional price is only valid for new customers during their initial terms. When it comes to the payment method, Dot5Hosting prefers credit cards than PayPal.

As for annual fee plans, there are altogether two options for you to select, which are displayed as follows.

Dot5Hosting Pricing Options

Since many leading hosting companies are providing even higher-quality services at less than $5/mo, Dot5Hosting monthly fee is not competitive.

Lack of scalability

Dot5Hosting nowadays offers only one hosting package and only Linux is supported. When you are using the hosting package, you are going to transmit your data over the internet by sharing both the hardware and the pipes with other users. With the development and expansion of your needs, however, you may desire a faster and more quality hosting service.

Up to now, there are few scalable solutions to which you can get access. Consequently, once your needs of storage and data transfer cannot be satisfied, you will have to transfer your website to another host. The transferring process can be quite time as well as money consuming.

Insufficient ease of use

The control panel you can use from Dot5Hosting is vDeck while that of many leading hosting companies is either cPanel or Plesk. Generally speaking, the vDeck control panel is not as good as the cPanel or Plesk in terms of functionality. This will then cause some negative influences on the construction, operation, and management of your websites.

For more details about the disadvantages of vDeck, read this cPanel vs vDeck comparison.


SSH is not supported in Dot5Hosting package, which means that any remote connection and command execution you desire will not be assured. This will certainly lead to some unpleasing security problems.

Unstable uptime

Although Dot5Hosting claims that they have made some efforts on monitoring the bandwidth to guarantee customers with an optimum performance, the uptime is actually not stable. According to our monitoring and many webmasters’ reviews, downtime issues as well as database errors are commonly seen in daily uses.

The following is a screenshot of our monitoring, from which you may have a direct view of the uptime.

Dot5Hosting Uptime

Unsatisfying customer service

Dot5Hosting claims to provide you with a 24×7 live chat and toll-free hotline. However, users’ reviews on its customer service are usually negative. Some webmasters note that the customer service representatives are not professional enough and fail to solve issues in time. This makes the overall experience with Dot5Hosting quite unpleasant.

There is also a help center provided by Dot5Hosting, which includes a knowledge base, a user guide for using Dot5Hositng web account, some tutorials, and additional terms of service. Comments from webmasters over the internet on this help center, however, are still not that good.

Uncompetitive money-back guarantee

Officially, Dot5Hosting provides a 30-day money back guarantee. However, money-back guarantees of many leading hosting companies like BlueHost, InMotion Hosting, WebHostingHub are anytime, 90 days, and 90 days respectively. In this case, Dot5Hosting money-back guarantee is far from competitive and attractive.

It has also to be noted that if you cancel an account during the valid period of money-back guarantee, you will receive a full refund of all hosting fees. But neither of the domain fees, setup fees, and any fees for additional services that you’ve purchased in the first thirty days will be included in these refunds.


As a conclusion, we don’t recommend Dot5Hosting for you. The price is still too high even at the time of your first term. Also, there are many complainants on its reliability, customer service, and other aspects.

So if you are looking for a web hosting solution, and desiring a more reliable as well as powerful performance at an affordable price, we’d like to recommend you the following hosting companies. They will certainly provide you with an easy way of operation and assure you with a satisfying web presence.