How to Create the WordPress Splash Page

How to Create the WordPress Splash Page

Due to the fierce competition among various websites at present, only attracting people to your site is far less enough. You have to retain them by attracting and impressing them. If not, how can you get their attention when there are so many websites offering the similar contents? This time, we’d like to tell you how to create the WordPress splash page, which can be an effective resolution to deal with this confusion.

Note that the splash page is especially useful when you want to show something important on your site. With the proper utilization, you can increase your site conversion rate greatly.

What Is Splash Page?

To explain in a simple way, the splash page is a static webpage that people will see firstly when landing on your website. In most cases, the splash page has some heavy visual components, such as the bold text or the call to action buttons.

With this special page, you can get the following main benefits.

  • You can convey some important messages to your visitors, especially when you offer some new offerings or are going to hold some activities.
  • You can draw the attention of your users easily.
  • You can enlarge your email list by showing the prompts to subscription.
  • You can get the better conversion rate by presenting the effective buttons.
  • There is no need to worry about the loss of ranking. After all, search engines will not see the splash page, but go to the original webpage directly.

Splash Page

Something You Cannot Do to the Splash Page

Frankly speaking, the splash page prevents people from seeing what they want in the first sight. To avoid the annoyance this page may lead to your visitors, you’d better keep the following two tips in your mind.

  • You cannot keep this special page for a long time. Here, we need to mention that the splash page is mostly used for the temporary promotion or a single extra click to get your offerings. In this case, if you keep it too long, it may become a useless distraction to your main content.
  • You’d better not to make it a content-rich one with the complicated design.

How to Create the WordPress Splash Page

For many developers, they are likely to create the splash page using the page template and the HTML coding stuff. However, if you know nothing about coding, you can make use of the user-friendly WordPress plugin to achieve this purpose. Here, we think the WP Splash Page is a good plugin.

The WP Splash Page plugin is a simple tool that can add the fully customizable splash webpage to your WordPress website. With it, you can determine the text color, the background image and some other things for this special page. In addition, you can get some useful features, such as the age validation and the opt-in.

To make use of this plugin, you simply need to click the Settings > WP Splash Page button. Here, you should finish 5 main settings to have the splash page displayed properly.

Finish the General Settings for the WP Splash Page Plugin

Firstly, you should decide some general settings.

WP Splash Page General Settings

  • You need to enable the splash page in the very beginning.
  • You can show the splash page on all your pages and posts.
  • You can enable this special page for your mobile users.
  • You can display the splash page once per session. Or, you can set up the valid period based on days.
  • You should choose the template between the default option and the full window-video option.

Decide the Appearance for the Splash Page

Next, you should decide how your splash page can appear. Here, you can make the decision for the title color, the text color, the page background color and the button color. In addition, you can enter the page title, the main content title and the main page text based on your needs.

Also, you should decide some minor aspects, such as the continue button text and the background image.

Appearance for the Splash Page

Upload the Video for the Splash Page

It is possible that you want to showcase the video on this effective webpage. If so, you need to copy and paste the ID of your target video. Here, we need to mention that this plugin only allows the YouTube video to be displayed.

In addition, you can decide to play the video automatically or not. Also, you can enter the exact value for the video width and height based on your page design.

Splash Page Video

Set Up the Age Validation

If you want, you can enable the function of age confirmation. This way, people will be warned if their age does not meet the minimum age allowed.

In addition to the exact age, you can also enter the warning text as you like.

Age Validation

Enable the Opt-In

Likewise, this is also an optional function you can allow for your splash page. Note that the main text and the warning message can be decided freely by you.

Opt-In Settings

Now, you can click the Preview button to check the final result. If you feel good, you can save the changes. And the splash page will appear based on your settings automatically.

Splash Page