Cheap Joomla Hosting 2017 – Top 3 Cheap Joomla Hosts

Cheap Joomla Hosting 2017 – Top 3 Cheap Joomla Hosts

Looking for a trusted cheap Joomla host for hosting the Joomla sites? After reviewed 100+ web hosts, we have come out the top 3 cheap Joomla hosting providers for the cost effective Joomla hosting plans for Joomla fans to go. Besides the comparison on the pricing only, BlueHost, WebHostingHub and HostGator have far exceeded their peers which are pricing under $5/mo on the overall price versus value, hosting user experience, performance and uptime for users to host Joomla sites.

Cheap Joomla Hosting – Why They’re

All these top 3 cheap Joomla hosting companies provide the specific Joomla hosting plans with optimized runtime environment for running Joomla that 100% meet the guideline and requirement of Joomla.

  • 100% compatibility with Joomla.
  • Automated application installer for 1-Click Joomla installation.
  • PHP memory_limit is set to be 128MB at least.
  • Joomla loading speed averages less than 2 seconds.
  • 99.9% Joomla hosting uptime guarantee.
  • Run PHP as suPHP for improved Joomla hosting security.
  • 24×7 technical support w/ holding times average <= 30 seconds.
  • Proven 60+ days full money back guarantee.

BlueHost, WebHostingHub and HostGator, all of them have devoted into the web hosting service for 10+ years. Particularly, BlueHost was founded in 1996, and has been the only best cheap Joomla hosting company recommended by the since 2009 for the trackable outstanding reputation in the industry.

Cheap Joomla Hosting #1 – BlueHost

BlueHostBlueHost (, Based on the 16+ years experience on shared web hosting service and serving for 3 millions of customers over the Internet, the BlueHost Joomla hosting is well-known as Easy To Use, Scalable, No Coding Required and Peer Support. BlueHost is the only shared web hosting company had developed an exclusive and unique technology named Hosting Resource Protection by invested over 2 millions of USD, designed to provide protection from other abusive usage for resources.

For reference, we have collected some successful Joomla websites started with BlueHost in 2012 as following cases:

Cheap Joomla Hosting #2 – WebHostingHub

WebHostingHubWebHostingHub (, operated in San Luis Obispo, CA, designed for personal usage by offering the extremely rich-featured and budget web hosting plans in the industry, with the mission to serve as a complete resource for anyone with a project on the Internet. WebHostingHub declaims to meet the needs of every customer regardless of their experience, location, requirements or preferences, and always be the first and last station for all the customers’ web hosting requirements.

The WebHostingHub Joomla hosting plan has three highlights: rich features, free domain name, and lifetime discount. The price starts from $8.99/mo regularly, now with the special promotional link, all people have access to a 78% discount for a price starting at $1.95/mo. With the tested WebHostingHub 90 days money back guarantee, the purchase with WebHostingHub is absolutely risk-free and worry-free.

Cheap Joomla Hosting #3 – HostGator

HostGatorHostGator (, operated in Houston and Austin, Texas, designed for personal and small businesses by offering the unlimited rich-featured web hosting plan and responsive customer services. Nowadays, HostGator is leading the personal class web hosting service in the marketplace serving for 300,000+ web hosting customers and approximately 30,000+ Joomla websites.

The HostGator Joomla hosting plan includes free website transfer, domain transfer, script transfer, $75 Google AdWords credits, $75 Bing/Yahoo Search credits and YellowPage listing service, allows to park unlimited domain names and host unlimited websites, and supports the latest technologies for Joomla.

This web host regularly charges you starting at $6.95/mo. But now, the coupon code HG45PERCENT is available via this special promotional link, which allows the 45% discount to reduce the charge down to $3.82/mo.

So far, our sister site BestHostingSearch has received 410 reviews from verified HostGator customers. Based on the HostGator review statistics, 99.5% voted positively to the overall HostGator web hosting service, including the web hosting features, loading speed, uptime, customer service and price, as the chart below.