Best Tips to Boost RSS Subscription – Turn More Visitors into Subscribers

Best Tips to Boost RSS Subscription – Turn More Visitors into Subscribers

It is the goal of every blogger to have more subscribers on the site. It gives more elation to know that you have a following, and your content is not going to waste. A common saying goes that publishing a post to a blog with no subscribers or readers is like setting the table, and there are no guests.

There are simple hacks to turn your visitors into subscribers and ensure you get your content read widely, among which RSS subscription is the easiest and the most effective one. To help you get into this strategy, we have listed some related tips in the following.

Create Unique and Fresh Content

Fresh ContentUnique, quality and interesting content is a magnet to visitors who turnout to subscribers. You can also add more visitors to your mailing list if you maintain a trend of unique content. Visitors like learning or reading new things that give them the suspense of what will happen next other than reading what they have already read in another blog or forum. With unique content, you do not have to apply gimmicks to have subscribers on your site.

You should check out Google Trends to see what is new in your blogging niche and give it to the visitors before everybody else does. Also stay alert on social media and other sites to ensure you get new information as soon as it crops up.

Make the RSS Subscription Process Simple

You do not want your visitors to find it a maze subscribing to your blog. Visitors after liking your content want to subscribe in just a few clicks. The RSS button is orange and always on the top of the page.

This is how many people know it, and you should strive to have it like that to minimize confusion. The subscription process should be in just a few steps; probably entering the email and then clicking the Subscribe button.

Create a Post to Invite Subscribers

You may decide to invite subscribers by way of creating a high-quality blog post and then giving part of it to all visitors and restricting the other part for those who are not subscribed. Tell the readers that the whole post is available to those who subscribe to RSS.

This hack may be simple but with exclusive content it works well. You might lose visitors with this trick if your post was not stellar.

Offer Email Subscription

Email SubscriptionThe RSS subscription button is standard, but not all visitors use it as some prefer email subscription. Email subscription is simple and offers the convenience to many visitors. Having email subscription besides the RSS subscription button is important to invite many subscribers. Ensure that the email subscription is clearly stated.

Let your Readers know what RSS is

It is no doubt that most of your visitors do not know what RSS is unless you explain it to them. It is hard for them to subscribe to something they do not know and thus letting them know what it is they are subscribing to increases the subscription.

Most people know the common blog subscription but fail to know about the RSS subscription. While explaining it, let the visitors know the benefits of subscribing and the process of subscribing. Make the explanations as simple as possible with short and concise sentences.

Look at Other RSS Feeds for Inspiration

If there are other RSS feeds you have personally subscribed to, visit them and get inspiration to upping your RSS subscription. Look at the factors that make you subscribe to the RSS feed and how you can do that to your site.

If you as a subscriber to another RSS feed understand what draws readers to feed, you will be able to translate that to your blog and heighten the rate of RSS subscription. Other than the site you are subscribed to, visit popular sites (those with thousands of subscribers) and see what they do to get so many subscribers.

Show Current Subscribers Count

Subscribers CountMost people view numbers as social proof before embarking on anything. It is for this reason that your subscription is slow at first and then increase as the subscription number ups. Visitors think that if a large number of people are doing something, then it must probably be worthwhile.

Make the number noticeable to visitors, and they subscribe one by one. However, if you have not managed to have large numbers in your subscription list, do not display it as it may be a turndown to the visitors; wait until the number rises to significant levels. There are many more tricks you can employ to raise the number and then displaying it will be a plus.

Use a Pop-up Window to Fetch Subscribers

It does not hurt to use a pop-up window to get as many subscribers as possible. This trick has been employed by many big sites to get subscribers. Most sites that use a pop-up window have registered a high number of subscribers on their site and even continue to have lots visitors.

The pop-up should be simple and with a clear text which should communicate to the visitors asking them to subscribe. Most of the popup windows that convert visitors to subscribers are captivating.

For example, “If you want to learn WordPress, Get free resources by entering your email below”. The subscribe button should also communicate and should be something like “Give me Free Resources”.

Use a Feature Box

Since a pop-up window may be annoying to a percentage of your visitors, you may decide to have a feature box which is somewhat like the function of featured image for a blog post. It is in-built in WordPress making it easy to activate it, but is a less intrusive version of the popup window.

The feature box is more customizable compared to the popup window and thus liked by many. Include as much information on the feature box as possible ensuring the information remain precise and clear. It should include a call to action for your visitors also.