BlueHost VS IXWebHosting – Why BlueHost Rather Than IXWebHosting

BlueHost VS IXWebHosting – Why BlueHost Rather Than IXWebHosting

BlueHost is much better than IXWebHosting for all the web hosting equipment, technology, features, performance, reliability, technical support and price.

This is a simple comparison data that can clearly reveal the huge difference between BlueHost and IXWebHosting. BlueHost was founded in 1996 and IXWebHosting was founded in 1999, but now, BlueHost has over 2 million users, but IXWebHosting only has approximately 80,000 users, and BlueHost is still fast growing with over 20,000 new customers added for each month, but IXWebHosting customers are dropping now that the decreasement started from 2009.

BlueHost VS IXWebHosting > Technology

When our editors in-depth research why BlueHost rocked and IXWebHosting dropped in the recent 5 years, we found BlueHost is a technology-oriented company indeed.

As we interviewed with the BlueHost founder Matt Heaton, compared to almost all the other shared web hosting providers simply renting more servers for the increasing users, BlueHost insisted on taking the technology as the most important part rather than the profit in the short term from the beginning. E.G. BlueHost has invested over a million USD for customizing Linux kernel to prevent the heavy users and bad neighbors of shared servers since 2009, a million USD for developing SimpleScripts that allows users to 1-Click install more than 150 applications in 30 seconds since 2007, 20+ million USD for building 3 dedicated data centers in Provo Utah by themselves utilizing the latest cutting-edge facilities and network equipment since 2010. This should the reason why BlueHost could make everything under the control, although they’re having over 20,000+ servers serving for over 2 million users.

Watch the following video learning more about the technology @ BlueHost

IXWebHosting does the web hosting business quite different to BlueHost. By now, IXWebHosting is still providing their customers with the web hosting control panel HSphere that was developed in 2000 without refactor and enhancement in the past 12 years. instead, to keep the competition ability in the marketplace, IXWebHosting chooses to offer web hosting extras like the free dedicated IP addresses, because with the customers lost, now IXWebHosting has more and more pending IP addresses.

BlueHost VS IXWebHosting - Control Panel

Based on our evaluation, BlueHost web hosting technology is 5 year ahead of IXWebHosting at least.

BlueHost VS IXWebHosting > Price

BlueHost provides three advanced web hosting plans starting at $7.99/mo regularly, but now they’re offering a special discount for all visitors going through this promotional link get the hosting service starting at $2.95/mo only.

IXWebHosting also has 3 web hosting packages named Expert Plan, Unlimited Pro Plan and Business Plus Plan. The essential difference of the 3 IXWebHosting plans is the number of dedicated IPs and free domain names, but not the performance.

Price BlueHost BlueHost IXWebHosting
Plans in Comparison Basic Plus IX Expert
Regularly $7.99/mo $10.99/mo $6.95/mo
Discount 63% Off 64% Off 44% Off
Price Now $2.95/mo $3.95/mo $3.95/mo
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BlueHost VS IXWebHosting > Technical Features

BlueHost supports cutting-edge technologies on Linux planform, including PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, etc, but IXWebHosting only supports the PHP 5.2.x well, as the following table for the advantage of BlueHost at technical features.

Features BlueHost BlueHost IXWebHosting
Plans in Comparison Basic Plus IX Expert
Free Domain 1 1 1
Google AdWords Credits (Free) $100 $100 No
PHP 5.2.x/5.3.x 5.2.x/5.3.x 5.2.x
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes No
Python Yes Yes No
Perl Yes Yes No
Shell Access (SSH) Yes Yes No
Custom Cron Jobs Yes Yes No
Discount 63% Off 64% Off 44% Off
How to Claim Link Activation Link Activation Not Recommended

Particularly, without the support for custom cron jobs, many famous open source applications cannot be run correctly with IXWebHosting. E.G. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal all need the custom crob jobs to automatically generate the Google-friendly sitemap. If you’re looking for a Linux-based web host that not only used for a 3-page website, IXWebHosting is not the choice and the BlueHost works the best.

BlueHost VS IXWebHosting > Performance

BlueHost uses 3 data centers with high performace edual quad processor servers. Therefore, our monitoring shows that the company has achieved really good results in uptime and speed.

IXWebHosting chooses a secondary data center located in Columbus. The performance is actually approximately 148% slower than BlueHost in our editors’ in-depth comparison for the same WordPress site hosted with BlueHost and IXWebHosting, seeing the performance statistics chart as below.

We also found there is no significantly difference between the cheap IXWebHosting Expert Plan and the expensive IXWebHosting Unlimited Pro Plan on the performance. Based on our editors’ analysis, this is caused by IXWebHosting not having an available technology which can strictly allocate and control the server resources for different account types. So, simply, choosing IXWebHosting Unlimited Pro Plan, you’re choosing the 3 domain names and 15 dedicated IPs with the hosting plan, but do you really need so many domains and IPs?

BlueHost VS IXWebHosting > Technical Support

The technical support of IXWebHosting makes people impatient. When there is a problem, even when you’re pulling the hair white for your site errors that are their fault, don’t expect to speak with a live person to help things quicker and easier. Their telephone is alway busy and the live chat is alway pending for over 10 minutes. The only way is that you have to create a ticket and wait for several hours whichever priority you set for the ticket.

BlueHost has over 400 well-trained technical support staffs. Choosing BlueHost, the customers never disappointed with the answers and resolutions. BlueHost has the terrific 24×7 US-based technical support via phone, live chat, email and the ticket system.

BlueHost VS IXWebHosting > Conclusion

IXWebHosting is not a right choice. Their hosting includes many extras for eyes, but they don’t make the website hosting service satisfied fundamentally. So, We highly recommend you going with BlueHost for personal and small businesses.

By the way, our sister site BestHostingSearch, has received 151 BlueHost reviews from the verified customers that every review includes the rating for reliability, performance, control panel & software and technical support. Based the review statistics, the 99.2% of BlueHost customers were highly satisfied with their shared services.