BlueHost VS Arvixe – Which is Better for Personal and Small Businesses

BlueHost VS Arvixe – Which is Better for Personal and Small Businesses

BlueHost and Arvixe are both the famous budget web hosting providers. However, BlueHost is better for personal and small businesses who’re looking for a reliable Linux-based US web hosting service.

BlueHost has offered an unlimited web hosting service for more than 16 years, serving 2,000,000+ customers. Compared to BlueHost, Arvixe is younger in the industry. Although it’s a fast growing company since 2009. Arvixe provides all the web hosting, VPS, dedicated server and reseller packages based on both Windows and Linux platform. In this comparison, we mainly compared the BlueHost Basic plan with Arvixe Personal Class plan.

Simply, BlueHost is better than Arvixe for Linux-based web hosting service. After all, BlueHost ensures the rich experience, rock-solid technology, world-class self-owned data centers and 100% US-based technical support.

Rating BlueHost Arvixe
Reputation 5 4.5
Feature 5 4.5
Loading Speed 5 4
Reliability 5 4.5
Tech Support 5 4.5
Price & Value 5.0 4.0
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BlueHost VS Arvixe > Price

BlueHost and Arvixe are both the developer-friendly web hosting companies. Their Linux-based web hosting packages are pricing nearly the same. But BlueHost is still cheaper than Arvixe along with more features.

There are three hosting plans you can choose from BlueHost, each of which comes with different levels of hosting charges and features. Regularly, you will be charged starting at $7.99/mo to sign up with them. But now, you can get a 63% discount if you go through this time-limited promotional link, with which you can enjoy the cheaper hosting charge starting from $2.95/mo only.

In addition, this web host is confident enough for their hosting solution, so ensure you the anytime money back guarantee.

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As for Arvixe, this web host offers two packages in total. With them, you are charged starting at $4/mo. To be frank, Arvixe is surely the budget-friendly option as compared with many other quality web hosts. But when comparing with BlueHost, it seems that BlueHost ensures you the cheaper price with the great discount. In addition, Arvixe does not offer you the anytime money back like BlueHost, but a 60-days full refund policy.

BlueHost VS Arvixe > Features

As for the hosting features, both BlueHost and Arvixe offer all the basic hosting features listed in the following.

  • The server resources offered by them are surely sufficient, but the prerequisite is that you do not over-consume your allocation.
  • There are a lot of free extras available, such as the free domain, free advertising bonus, free website transfer service and free daily backup.
  • With the great combination of cPanel control panel and the 1-click installer, you can start and manage your site effortlessly.
  • All the necessary security features are available, such as spam filter, regular scanning, SSL, SSH, Password Protection and Hotlink Protection.
  • All the widely used programming languages and databases are pre-configured.
Feature BlueHost Arvixe
Plans in Comparison Basic Personal Class
Free Domain Name Yes Yes
Control Panel Enhanced cPanel cPanel
PHP 5.4.x 5.3.10
Python Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
CronJobs Yes Yes
Money Back Anytime 60 Days
Starting at $2.95/mo $4/mo
Discount 57% Off N/A
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However, BlueHost also offers some add-on features especially when you pick up the Plus and Prime plans. For instance, you can get the SpamExperts tool, the domain privacy service and the Site Backup Pro tool.

BlueHost VS Arvixe > Technology

Arvixe is focusing on various web hosting solutions so that it doesn’t dig into the core web hosting technology as BlueHost. As a professional Linux-based web hosting provider, BlueHost technology is leading the industry. They started to invest millions of USD on customizing the Linux core to be better managed for web hosting service. Eventually, BlueHost launched CPU Segregation technology in 2010 that can guarantee CPU, memory and disk I/O for every user on every server, and efficiently protect server from heavy users.

To learn more about the BlueHost technology, watch the following video.

BlueHost VS Arvixe > Hosting Speed

Compared to Arvixe that rents the data centers, BlueHost has invested 3 state-of-the-art data centers, and has customized the Linux kernel for the managed web hosting services. With the consistent huget investment on the data centers and infrastructure, now all the BlueHost servers are with fully redundant power supply and network connectivity.

Our editors have compared the performance of 2 sites hosted with BlueHost and Arvixe. The one with BlueHost is approximately 118% faster than Arvixe, including database query, page creation & page loading. See the performance comparison chart as following.

In addition, BlueHost ensures the better uptime than Arvixe. As tested, BlueHost achieves the 100% uptime.

The uptime of Arvixe is 99.75% only.

Even, we have found a lot of complaints for Arvixe about this aspect.

Arvixe Uptime Customer Reviews

BlueHost VS Arvixe > Technical Support

supportBlueHost offers 24×7 technical support through toll-free phone, web chat and email. BlueHost guarantees that customers can get a response from the support team with less than 30 seconds of waiting.

Compared to BlueHost, Arvixe has 3 technical support center in US, Middle East and India. During the US day-time, the Arvixe technical support is reasonable and acceptable that they usually respond client requests in 2-5 minutes, but, when it’s turned to the support from Middle East and India from 18:00PM to 8:00AM, the Arvixe technical support can makes your hair white. Certainly, outsourcing of the support can cost down to provide better hosting service, but, it’s not easy to manage and control the quality. Arvixe still needs more work on this area.

BlueHost VS Arvixe > Conclusion

Arvixe is a good ASP.NET hosting service. However, their Linux-based web hosting is not in the best class when comparing with BlueHost. In the case that you’re looking for a cost effective, reliable and fast Linux-based web hosting service, BlueHost is the better option.

Our sister site BestHostingSearch, had received 520 BlueHost real customer reviews with ratings for speed, reliability, control panel and technical support, which reflect that 99.4% of BlueHost customers have had a happy experience.