BlueHost Cloud Hosting Review – By Partnering with CloudFlare

BlueHost Cloud Hosting Review – By Partnering with CloudFlare

BlueHost partnered with CloudFlare for free content delivery network (CDN) technology for all their shared web hosting users from July 17, 2012. That means, by paying $7.99/mo ($2.95/mo promotion now) for BlueHost cloud-based shared web hosting, you can get the powerful website acceleration and attack protection by leveraging the power of professional cloud technology from CloudFlare.

CloudFlare is one of the leading worldwide content delivery network providers that designed to protect and accelerate websites. Once a website is using the CloudFlare cloud technology, its traffic is routed through CloudFlare global network. CloudFlare automatically speeds up the delivery of content so the site visitors can always get fast page loads in every corner of the world. As a result: CloudFlare accelerated and protected websites can surely have a significant increasing in performance, reliability and security.

BlueHost Cloud Hosting Works?

By the partnership with CloudFlare, BlueHost intelligently synchronizes the hosting site content and information to CloudFlare content delivery network servers strategically located over the world. This significantly improves website performance by accelerating site loading times with static data.

Take Yahoo News as an example. There are 3 visitors coming to your site hosted with BlueHost from New York, Los Angeles and HongKong China by using the same URL. By leveraging the content delivery network technology, the visitor from New York loads the page from the data center nearby New York, the visitor from Los Angeles loads the page from the data center nearby Los Angeles, and the visitor from HongKong loads the page from the data center nearby HongKong, in result to the shortest internet network route and the fastest page downloading speed.

CloudFlare has 14 data centers over the world, 7 data centers in US, 4 data centers in Europe and 3 data centers in Asia. Choosing to host with BlueHost, you can deliver the fastest site browsing experience for your readers worldwide.

BlueHost CloudFlare Content Delivery Network

BlueHost Cloud Hosting Price

The basic version of cloud hosting are included in the BlueHost web hosting for free. All BlueHost customers can activate the cloud hosting features for their websites by 1-Click in the cPanel control panel in just one minute. Alternatively, users wanting additional speed enhancements, advanced security controls, and more frequent statistics can easily enable a Premium upgrade for only $14.99/mo.

Feature Free Paid
Worldwide CDN
(14 data centers)
Yes Yes
High-Priority Server Processing No Yes
Intelligent Threat Protection Yes Yes
Automatic Mobile Optimization No Yes
Asyncronous Javascript Loading
(Rocket Loader)
Yes Yes
SSL (HTTPS) Support No Yes
Performance/Security Stats Daily Hourly
Priority Image Loading (Mirage) No Yes
Image Size Optimization (Polish) No Yes
Priority Image Loading (Mirage) No Yes
Page Specific Settings/Rules 3 10
Price FREE $20/mo
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BlueHost web hosting is priced starting at $7.99/mo regularly, but now they’re making a special 63% discount for $2.95/mo for all readers going from this BlueHost cloud hosting promotional link. The effective pricing table is following.

Discounted Price

  • 12 months plan
  • 24 months plan
  • 36 months plan

Payment Method

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal

BlueHost Promotion Link Activation

BlueHost is Highly Recommended for Personal & Small Businesses

Besides the latest launched cloud hosting, BlueHost all-in-one hosting includes a free domain name and allows to host unlimited domains/sites on 1 account. BlueHost supports almost all the latest cutting-edge Linux-based technology including PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SSH, etc. As a conclusion, BlueHost is highly recommended for personal & small businesses.

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