Best PrestaShop Hosting | 2017 Best PrestaShop Hosting Awards

Best PrestaShop Hosting | 2017 Best PrestaShop Hosting Awards

BlueHost, InMotion Hosting and WebHostingHub are recommended as the best PrestaShop hosting providers for small business owners to start a fast, reliable, secure and budget e-commerce site. All of them are offering indispensable features, 99% uptime and blazing-fast server response time at affordable prices.

In fact, PrestaShop is free and open source, providing everything needed to start and manage a successful online store. It comes with more than 310 free features used to assist business owners to generate revenue with virtually no effort, such as effective product displays, flexible shipping modules and numerous payment options.

If you are looking for a rock-solid hosting solution to support this tool, you shall not miss these award winners mentioned above.

Best PrestaShop Hosting

After reviewing more than 150 companies on the web, we highly recommend BlueHost, InMotion Hosting and WebHostingHub, all of which are offering:

  • 1-click installer for easy PrestaShop installation and upgrade
  • Multiple security measures and automatic data backup
  • Free advertising credits for effective website market
  • At least 99.99% uptime and fast page loading speed less than 1 second averagely
  • 24/7/365 extraordinary customer service available via phone, e-mail and live chat


BlueHostOperated in Utah, US, BlueHost is now hosting more than 2 million domains, and the number of customer is still increasing at a speed of over 20,000 for a month. By now, it owns 3 dedicated data centers in Utah that have been invested with 20+ millions of USD. This gives a proof to their professionalism and definitely increases customers’ confidence on the services.

Besides, BlueHost utilizes the Dual Quad Processor Performance servers for fast and stable server connection, runs the custom Linux kernel from a nationwide fiber network, and locates all the quality servers at the cutting-edge and self-built data centers. Also, it has developed some neat tools to segregate CPU and I/O, protecting customers away from some abusive neighborhoods consuming the excessive amount of server resource.

In this case, this web host offers the most PrestaShop-friendly hosting environment with 100% uptime and fast server response time.

In addition, BlueHost is fairly cost-effective, which is starting at $2.95/mo by clicking this promotion link. The package comes with a large number of features like powerful cPanel, SimpleScripts, Secure Shell, SSL, and many more. As for special extras, every new account will enjoy $100 Google ads credits and a free domain ($24/year value), which are the most useful bonus for small business onwerns who eager to start an e-commerce effectively. Of course, customers don’t need to worry about the security of the payment, because this host guarantees ANYTIME money back and No hidden fees for customers.

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InMotion Hosting

InMotionInMotion Hosting is one of the most well-known business preferred web hosts, offering 3 packages of Launch, Power, and Pro, which can be chosen based on customers’ exclusive requirements. By going via this promotion link, customers can get the service starting at $3.49/mo effectively.

Having been working with PrestaShop for so many years, this host, running on Linux operating system, provides the hosting package with unlimited disk storage and unlimited bandwidth. The unlimited features allow store owners building and managing their stores without worrying about resource consumption and traffic surge.

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Besides, its hosting service is 100% compatible with this software by providing full support to FTP Access, Secure Shell (SSH) Access and the latest MySQL 5, PHP 5 (run as suPHP for better security), PostgreSQL and Perl 5. In addition, it includes all the other advanced features on database that the host needs.

Taking full advantage of the easy-to-use 1-click installer, InMotion allows people to use this script by only clicking a few buttons. Therefore, getting started with them could be never easier.

To start the business and make money as soon as possible, people may find how useful free and instant set-up and free theme installation are. Instant set-up enables customers to get their online stores built once they sign up with this host, and free theme installation makes the stores much more beautiful and amazing to bring visitors without any cost!


WebHostingHubWith more than 10 years experience in the industry, this host is now backed by three green data centers – intending to provide the most reliable and trusted services to customers. The hosting charge is starting at $1.95/mo only through this promotional link.

Due to these superior factors, WebHostingHub guarantees 99.9% uptime, as well as fast page loading time that averages less than 1 second and up to 6x faster than other web hosts. People should acknowledge that the promise made by this company is more than meaningful, because this company only uses branded web servers, which are factory-built and tested.

In addition, it offers 24×7 US based support for users via live chat, toll-free telephone, email and ticket system. Whenever customers run into any problem with the stores, they will get the professional solutions given by knowledgeable and helpful staff. Furthermore, by promising the holding time that averages less than 30 seconds and ticket response time that averages less than 15 minutes, this company ensures that customers can be absolutely worry-free, for any of their issues will be handled properly and quickly by the well-trained on-site support staff who know how to help.

Things You Need to Consider When Choosing the PrestaShop Hosting

PrestaShop is a widely adopted e-commerce solution that has been utilized by a lot of online store owners. When choosing the most suitable hosting solution for running this script, you can consider the following two aspects.

100% PrestaShop Compatibility

In order to ensure the proper installation and working of PrestaShop, you firstly need to ensure the 100% compatibility with it. After checking the documentation of its official site, in the following, we have concluded the minimum technical requirements that your selected web host needs to meet.

  • MySQL with the minimum version of 5.0.
  • PHP with the minimum version of 5.2 and the minimum PHP memory limit of 64 MB.
  • suPHP that acts as the handler of PHP language for the increased overall security.
  • Apach with the minimum version of 1.3.
  • Powerful script installer that achieves the automatic installation of PrestaShop.

A High Level of Hosting Security

The majority of PrestaShop users are the online businessmen. For these people, the hosting security can be viewed as the top priority. In this case, when choosing the hosting solutions, you need to figure out whether they have fully met the below criteria.

  • Include SSH and SSL into the feature list to ensure the secure and risk free connection between your site and your customers, so that the important data like financial account and personal information will not be exposed.
  • Never oversell the hosting solution and restrict the number of websites residing in a single web server. This practice can reduce the server vulnerabilities or security loopholes that are caused by the mishandling of some bad users.
  • Offer the daily backup service, hotlink protection service, dedicated IP address, IP blocking service and many more for the advanced level of website security.