Best Ghost Hosting Packages for Building Blogs

Best Ghost Hosting Packages for Building Blogs

It is well-known that Ghost is a wonderful platform designed for bloggers with which they are capable of writing and publishing their own blog. For it is simple, elegant and designed, many webmasters are seeking best hosting packages which support this project and come with affordable prices, rich features, excellent uptime and prompt technical support.

In this article we introduce top 3 Ghost hosting packages including A2Hosting, WebHostingHub and HostGator. These companies offer web hosting services that highly meet the installation requirements of this software and provide a terrific environment with which Ghost can be run very well.

Why Are They the Best?

The Ghost Hosting services offered by these three companies gain tremendous recognition and recommendation in the field for they feature cPanel and 1-click installer with which people are capable of simplifying the tedious process of manual installation of Ghost. More than that, they provide 24/7 responsive technical support with which webmasters are able to settle some common technical issues with the least endeavor and time.

Moreover, these companies guarantee 99.9%+ uptime ensured by state-of-the-art data centers that are equipped with advanced facilities and cutting-edge technologies. Thus, their Ghost hosting services are affordable, fast and reliable. In the following, we are to reveal their secret and explain why they deserve a shot.

A2Hosting Ghost Hosting > 51% Off

a2hosting ghost hostingA2Hosting specifically designs a package named as Ghost Hosting for hosting with this software. Regularly, the price of this package is starting at $5.99/mo. Now, this company is providing a wonderful 51% discount using , all people are able to enjoy the discounted that is cut down to $3.92/mo.

The highlight of this package is SwiftServer platform, blazing fast SSDs and easy no-click Ghost setup which enable webmasters to run their websites with this software quickly and smoothly. Besides, this package includes free server rewind backups, free content delivery network. In below, we have listed some other terrific features.

Highlighted Features:

  • 300% faster SSD hosting option
  • Easy no-click Ghost setup
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Guru Crew support
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WebHostingHub Ghost Web Hosting > 78% Off

WebHostingHub ghost hostingTo serve people who demand Ghost hosting, this company designs a special solution that is called as Ghost Web Hosting. This plan comes with 3 different levels that are priced starting at $8.99/mo. All of these plans are available for both short and long term billing cycles including 1/6/12/24 months.

Now the company is promoting the service with a wonderful 78% discount. Everyone is able to enjoy the discounted price which is low as $1.95/mo via this promotional link. Moreover, the service includes 90 days money back guarantee, one free domain registration and other awesome features we have listed in the below.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unlimited disk space and data transfer
  • Host from 2 domains or go unlimited
  • 24/7 world-class qualified and experienced support
  • Fully adheres to all Ghost hosting system requirements
  • cPanel control panel – Unlimited email, databases and subdomains
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HostGator > 45% Off

hostgator ghost hostingThis company doesn’t develop an exclusive package for Ghost hosting, but its shared web hosting service features hundreds of scripting languages including Ghost and supports Fantastico so that numerous most popular applications and software can be installed with the least effort and energy. HostGator offers three shared hosting packages including Hatchling plan, Baby plan, and Business plan.

Regularly, Hatchling is priced at $6.95/mo, Baby $9.95/mo and Business $14.95/mo. Now these packages are promoted with a 45% discount. Everyone is capable of purchasing the services using the coupon HG45PERCENT via this special promotional link and the prices can be cut down to $3.82/mo, $5.47/mo and $8.22/mo.

All packages support related description languages for Ghost, including GhostPCL, GhostPDF and GhostXPS and MuPDF and so forth. What is more, there are a large number of extra bonuses that bring great benefit for customers. We have listed them in the following.

Extra Freebies:

  • 45 days full refund guarantee
  • $100 Google AdWords offer
  • 4,500 free website templates
  • 52 free scripts
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What Ghost Is

Ghost is one of the completely open source products, which has been downloaded for more than 1 million times. With the simple design of the user interface and the advanced technologies to be used, this tool simply looks like a kitten but works like a cheetah.

As for the main technologies, there are three aspects.

  • The Node.js is an advanced platform that is used to power the tool of Ghost for achieving the incredibly efficient, scalable and fast running.
  • Ember.js mainly works for the user-side web application, with which the administrative area of Ghost can achieve the slick and smooth experience for you.
  • Handlebars can be viewed as the semantic, logicless and powerful templating language, which is used to empower the templates of Ghost. The best part is that this language is really easy to learn.

The History of Ghost

Actually, Ghost can be viewed as a relatively new tool. The idea and concept of this platform was written and floated on the web in the year of 2012 in the format of blog post. The first version of it was released in October, 2013, which was funded the goal of $25,000 in around 11 hours successfully and raised $196.362 in total during the 29-day campaign.

The Prices and Packages of Ghost

Actually, you can use this tool without any charging in the first 14 days. No credit card information is required. However, after these days, you should choose among these 4 plans and pay for the prices.

  • Personal – This plan charges you at the price of $19/mo, which allows you to host a single blog with 25,000 views.
  • Advanced – This plan charges you at the price of $39/mo, which allows you to host 3 blogs with 100,000 views.
  • Team – This plan charges you at the price of $79/mo, which allows you to host 10 blogs with 350,000 views.
  • Business – This plan charges you at the price of $199/mo, which allows you to host unlimited blogs with 1,000,000 views.