Arvixe VS WinHost on Technologies &Performance

Arvixe VS WinHost on Technologies &Performance

On the market, both Arvixe and WinHost offer reliable services, especially ASP.NET hosting, for people to host websites. However, when it comes to choosing one of them, people may feel it is a dilemma to make a choice because the companies have many similarities and their own highlights.

Since there are many people who are not so familiar with products of these two web hosts sending emails to us for advice, now we work out a full-scale comparison of the ASP.NET hosting services between the two companies.

In the past several months, we have respectively utilized PersonalClass ASP of Arvixe and WinHost Basic with our websites. After monitoring them, we complete this comparison covering pricing, features, technical support, speed, uptime and other performances. In below, we have made a table to show the two hosting platforms’ ratings.

Rating arvixe winhost
Plan in Review PersonalClass ASP WinHost Basic
Overall 3 stars 5 stars
Features 4.5 stars 5 stars
Loading Speed 2.5 stars 5 stars
Reliability 3 stars 5 stars
Technical Support 5 stars 5 stars
Customer Ratings 2 stars 5 stars
Arvixe Review WinHost Review

Arvixe has been stepped into the hosting field since the year of 2003 and has been founded in Canada. With more than 10 years of efforts and experiences, this hosting provider now is one of the most trustworthy options in the mind of most webmasters.

Arvixe claims to offer the truly cost-effective hosting service, ensuring you the rich features of each hosting plan at an affordable hosting charge. In addition, by achieving a great combination of fast hosting speed and no downtime record, Arvixe now succeeds in handling hundreds of thousands of websites all over the world, along with the great user satisfaction rate.

Frankly, Arvixe used to a highly recommended hosting provider that is praised by many webmasters. However, in recent years, their hosting solution is not as good as they have been previously, receiving a large number online complaints.

Arvixe Complaints

Unlike Arvixe that offers both Windows hosting and Linux hosting, WinHows is a dedicated Windows hosting provider. As an experienced hosting company, they know the importance of choosing the right solution; thus, their main passion and mission is to ensure you the most affordable and reliable service. In addition, as the expert of Windows hosting, they do not offer the common control panels provided by many other vendors. Instead, they choose to build their own control panel using ASP.NET to ensure the best management of everything.

Pricing – WinHost Is Cheaper

Both of Arvixe and WinHost offer affordable hosting plans, but WinHost is even cheaper. PersonalClass ASP of Arvixe charges $5/mo coming with 60-day money back guarantee. In addition, they accept PayPal and credit cards payment methods.

WinHost offers 3 main plans with regular prices ranging from $4.95/mo to $19.95/mo. In the meantime, if you purchase it via the following exclusive promotion link, WinHost Basic only charges you $3.95/mo with additional 20% discount. Moreover, it also carries 30-day refund guarantee.

WinHost Promotional Link Activation

Feature – Both Are Great

Arvixe with latest NET framework and components ensures you many add-ons to run sites properly. Moreover, it includes free domain name, SquirrwMail and WebSitePanel control panel. Additionally, this plan gives you access to Dreamweaver, customer error page, Awstats software and much more.

WinHost Basic supports the latest technology. To show more details of these 2 plans’ features, we have worked out the following table.

Feature arvixe winhost
Plan in Comparison PersonalClass ASP WinHost Basic
Disk Space Unimited 3GB
Bandwidth Unlimited 50GB
Control Panel WebSitePanel web-based ASP.NET control panel
Free Domain Name yes Yes
Refund Guarantee Yes Yes
Domains 5 Unimited
24/7 FTP N/A yes
Regular Price $5/mo $4.95/mo
Discount N/A 20%
promotional price $5/mo $3.95/mo
How to Claim Not Recommended Link Activation

Performance – WinHost Is Much Better

Both companies claim to guarantee customers the 99.9% uptime. Here, Arvixe has multiple SAS 70 type II data centers with backup generators and uninterrupted power supply to ensure the uptime of your site. Besides, it offers 24x7x365 monitor service. It seems great, but according to our test, we have found that they fail to ensure a good result, requiring around 697 ms for the server response.

During the days of monitoring, we have found out that WinHost has done a good job. This web host owns servers by themselves coming with Dell dual quad core servers, 32GB RAM and RAID 10 disk arrays. Besides, their server space is equipped with UPS battery backup power, generator power backup and firewall protection. Also, it has 24/7 server monitoring system. As for server response time, move on to the following table.

Hosting Reliability

In addition to the fast page loading speed, you may also look for the reliable hosting that can ensure you a great uptime track record. After all, having a website that is always unavailable online with a long downtime can be frustrating for both site owners and readers.

In this case, both Arvixe and WinHost try their best to ensure a high level of hosting reliability. For instance, they all make sure that the web servers that are used to host the websites are of the high quality and robust components. Also, the data centers utilized by them are all advanced and well-equipped.

To figure out the exact uptime statistics achieved by them, we also have started the online monitoring while testing their server response speed. Based on the final result, Arvixe achieves a 99.75% uptime only.

As for WinHost, the result is better – the 100% uptime during the past months.

Technical & Customer Support – WinHost Is Better

Technical SupportBoth of them have 24/7 support with a group of hosting experts helping your problems via various methods. What’s more, the 2 web hosts also provide lots of documentations and articles in their knowledge base.

There is one thing you need to take care of – when you ask Arvixe support team for help, you would better contact the during their US office time for better service. If you need to contact WinHost support team, you can do it at anytime you want.


According to our comprehensive comparison above, we conclude that WinHost is the more worthwhile hosting provider due to their reasonable prices, good performances and customer services. Even, their 30 days refund is really worry-free.