Arvixe Reseller Hosting Review – Is It a Right Reseller Hosting Choice?

Arvixe Reseller Hosting Review – Is It a Right Reseller Hosting Choice?

Since the first inception in 2003, Arvixe has been a noteworthy web hosting brand with the pre-planned growth. This company has been serving for individual, small to medium-sized business and enterprise sites on a world-class level.

In regards to web hosting products, Arvixe specializes in shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated servers and ASP.NET hosting. Now, we would like to dig out the secrets of the reseller hosting from Arvixe and to figure out whether they offer the trustworthy, affordable, ultra-reliable and fast reseller hosting service for webmasters worldwide.

At the first place, there are our editorial ratings on the Arvixe reseller hosting service.

The Cons of Arvixe Reseller Hosting

Pricing & Packages – Not Affordable Enough

To attract as many customers’ eyes as possible, Arvixe builds its reseller hosting on both Linux and Windows platforms. Of course, the Windows hosting is more expensive than Linux hosting as some built-in development features are not free. And for the price, we will focus on the cheaper Linux hosting service afterwards.

In the Linux hosting, there are a total of two packages – Reseller Class and Reseller Class Pro. In terms of the pricing, Arvixe prices the two plans at $20/mo and $50/mo respectively. To be frank, this price is not competitive as compared with many other reseller hosting solution we have reviewed since now.

Performance – Not Satisfactory

What distinguishes a quality hosting provider from other average web hosts is the great uptime guarantee and the fast hosting. In this case, this web host used to pay much attention to these two parts. In details, this company vows to provide customers whose network uptime fails to achieve 99.99% uptime in any month with a certain amount of refund fees. Besides, it keeps monitoring servers all year around so as to wipe out any interruption and distraction, and adopts redundant battery and power supply from diesel generators.

It seems amazing. However, according to many customers’ voices, Arvixe is not the reliable reseller hosting provider that ensures the ultra-fast solution. They used to be great for this company makes use of advanced infrastructures and top-notch technologies in data centers. However, since they are acquired by EIG, their hosting performance is in the downhill.

From our monitoring results, the average uptime of Arvixe 99.75% only and the server response time is 697ms in the past 30 days. To be frank, these statistics are not good.

Support – Not Efficient

When it comes to customer service, Arvixe offers three effective support methods – phone call, email ticket and live chat. For some common hosting issues, this company accordingly prepares some useful answers and solutions in the knowledge base. And in the discussion board, webmasters are allowed to exchange their views and related experiences freely. This is great for both the business owners and their clients

To be frank, they do offer the rich information on the knowledge base. However, when it comes to their real-person support, we have not satisfied at all. As tried personally, they fail to achieve the quick and accurate response from a team of patient and knowledgeable technical employees. Instead, we need to wait for a long time to reach their support team.

At present, we have found a lot complaints concerning about their technical support.

Arvixe Support Review

The Pros of Arvixe Reseller Hosting – Rich Features

Knowing the fact that hosting features are the most important factors in choosing an excellent reseller hosting solution, Arvixe spares no effort to provide customers with incomparable resources and management tools. For example, it offers the easy-to-control cPanel control panel which comes with the one-click Softaculous auto-installer. In this way, people can offer their clients a happy experience in installing popular apps.

Arvixe Reseller Hosting - FeaturesApart from the useful management tools, Arvixe offers “unlimited” things. For instance, it endows unlimited domains, sub-domains, FTP and email accounts, email auto-responders and forwarders, MySQL 5 and PostgreSQL databases. Besides, it supports multiple programming languages including Perl, Python, PHP4/5, Ruby on Rails, SSI, CGI and so forth.

With the Reseller Class plan, customers are able to get 50GB disk space and 500GB monthly data transfer; while in the Reseller Class Pro plan, they can acquire up to 200GB disk space and 2000GB monthly bandwidth. In the meantime, free domain name and SSL certificate for life are also included.


Summing up the above points, the reseller hosting from Arvixe is not recommended for webmasters who want to succeed online. It is true that they offer the rich-featured packages. However, when considering the price, technical support and hosting performance, we think you’d better forgo them and consider the following options.