How to Add the “Select Text and Share on Twitter” Button in WordPress

How to Add the “Select Text and Share on Twitter” Button in WordPress

No matter what your website or personal blog is all about, the social media presence is the key to your success. Especially, the liveness on Twitter is pretty essential. After all, as one of the largest social media in the world, Twitter does the pretty job for the speedy content sharing and communication. At present, there are a lot of methods you can use to promote your site via this platform. This time, we’d like to introduce an alternative practice – add the “select text and share on Twitter” button in WordPress.

In fact, the most effective way to market your site using Twitter is to share your web content on this platform. This way, once you have the huge Twitter followers, your chances of getting more daily visits and new users can be huge. With the “select text and share on Twitter” feature, you can achieve the easy sharing with the more specific function.

Select, Highlight and Share Your Web Content on Twitter

Sharing the whole web content from your site to Twitter is pretty simple. People only need to copy and paste the post link to this platform. Even, the user-friendly Twitter Share button is useful. However, what if your visitors only want to quote and share a few lines of content from your blog post, but not the entire post?

In this case, you can enable this special function. With it, people can select and highlight any of their preferred words on your content, and then, share these words by clicking a button only.

To be frank, sharing some of your web contents instead of the post link or the post title can make the whole approach much more personal. This increases the chances of your original content to be viewed and retweeted by more people.

Make Use of the Highlight and Share Plugin

The Highlight and Share plugin can make the highlighting and the sharing of your blog content on Twitter easily. It achieves the great convenience for your visitors to share your words on their own Twitter account for the better exposure of your website.
In addition to Twitter, this plugin also allows the highlight and the share feature on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the email message.

Set Up the Basic Plugin Configurations

Now, you can install this plugin via your WordPress dashboard. After that, you need to set up some simple configurations after clicking the Settings > Highlight and Share button. Here, you can choose to showcase the Twitter icon only without the display of the Tweet label. Note that if you choose to enable the share function for more than one social media this plugin allows, you’d better choose to display the icons only.

Show Icons Only

After that, you can choose to apply this feature to your main post content and the post excerpt as well.

Content Settings

Now, you can move to the Twitter Settings part to enable the Twitter sharing function. And then, you should enter the username of your Twitter account. Note that do not add the “@” symbol. If you also want to share on Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn, you need to tick the corresponding checkboxes.

Twitter Settings

Next, you simply need to click the Save Changes button and go to your blog post to figure out whether this plugin works out. The real example just looks like the following.

Tweet and Share Button

After clicking the button, the below popup window will appear that allows people to log in and to tweet the highlighted content via the simple clicks.

Log In and Tweet