How to Add Business Hours in WordPress Sites

How to Add Business Hours in WordPress Sites

At present, adding the business hours on your website is an effective method to help people plan on your site. After all, by knowing when you open or close your website and the online business, they can make the appointment accordingly. In the following, we have introduced the simple method of how to add business hours in WordPress sites.

Frankly speaking, if your website has the booking system, the showcase of the business hour is really important. This way, your users or visitors can schedule their visits on your website easily, improving the browsing experience greatly.

Make Use of the Business Profile Plugin

To display the business hours, it would be better for you to make use of the WordPress plugin. Here, we think the Business Profile plugin is a worth-trying one. With it, you can showcase the opening hours and the close hours of your business using their exclusive markup. Note that the markup is totally search engine friendly.

Enter the Business Profile

After the plugin installation, you should click the Locations > Business Profile button. After entering the settings page, you have to choose the Schema type firstly. Note that the type must describe your business the best so as to help search engines better understand your site.

Schema Type

Now, you can move down to enter your business profile. For instance, you can enter the contact information of your business name, the physical address, the phone number, the exact contact page and the email address.

However, as the main purpose is to add the business hours, so you can move down to the Schedule section. Here, you can define the weekly business hours by deciding the scheduling rules.

Schedule Business Hours

Here, you can choose to open your website or business from Monday to Sunday, or just during some days of the whole week. In addition, you can make the opening hours available all day or only during the specific time period.

Note that you can add multiple business hours. This is pretty useful if you want to set different business hours for weekends and the week time.

Display the Business Hours

After saving the settings, now, you can display the business hours on your site. For this, we highly recommend you to leverage the widget offered by this plugin.

Here, you should go to the Appearance > Widgets section to make use of the Contact Card widget. And then, you need to give a display name of this card. If you have created multiple cards previously, you also have to choose your target option from the dropdown menu.

After that, you have the option to show various fields. If you do not have some other specific requirements, you only need to choose to show the business hours.

Contact Card

The final result looks like the following.

Business Hours Sample

Another display method is to use the exclusive shortcode offered by this plugin. Here, we have presented the sample code in the following. Note that the special attribute only allows you to display the business hours you have set up. If you want to show some other information, you can remove the attribute.

Contact Card Shortcode