How to Add Ads to WordPress – Both in Sidebar and Webpages

How to Add Ads to WordPress – Both in Sidebar and Webpages

Do you often see blogs that have ads inside their contents? These ads appear either inside the content and webpages, or located at the sidebar section of the site. Since ads can be an important method for making money online, There are many beginners who wonder how to do this at the time of managing the websites or blogs. This can be done via plugins, or it could also be done manually.

Read this article and you can get the detailed information on the subject concerning about how to ad adds to WordPress both in webpages and in the sidebars.

Why Need Ads into Site?

There is always a need of online promotion no matter how perfect your product and website is. You always need to make sure that your website reaches the broadest audience on the web. Advertising is the top channel that is very important for website promotion.

Most of the advertisement on the internet is carried out through banner adverts and links from other sites. As you are a website owner, you can incorporate an ad on your website. You can easily get an access to a large number of people who are eager to get places for their product advertisements, and earn certain fee for every visitor who clicks on this ad in your site.

How to Add Ads to WordPress Sidebars?

The ads can be added into the WordPress sidebar by editing the template file of sidebar.php. The features presented in the standard WordPress sidebar include complex nested list. Therefore, you can easily integrate ads in this list.

You can also restructure the list in order to remove the feature of nesting in case the code of the ad interrupts the format of the list. You can also add the ad to the bottom or top of the nested list too.

For that, you need to skip the coding conflicts. In order to incorporate the code in the list, you are required to put the code between a pair of “li” tags. Otherwise, the page is not going to validate and is not going to look accurate. You may like to incorporate an ad between archives and pages in your WordPress sidebars too. Check the coding stuff in the following.

Sidebar Ads Code

Custom Ads Sidebar Plugin

With the help of Custom Ads Sidebar, you can display variant ads in variant posts. For example, if you have written a blog about any travelling service, then you can easily display travel ads like tour, restaurants and hotels by adding the ads in the post edit page. If you want to display your ads, add HTML code to your field at the time of editing the posts. Here’s how you can install and use this plugin.

Custom Ads Sidebar

  1. First of all, upload the Custom Ad Sidebar file to /wp-cnontent/plugins/ directory.
  2. Now activate the plugin by selecting the option of “Plugins” menu presented in WordPress dashboard.
  3. Now go to Plugins > Custom Ads widget to configure.
  4. Drag the widget of custom ads to the sidebar.
  5. Now add code to the box in the page of single edit.
  6. For configuration, you can choose the default banner in order to display when the ad is not available.

How to Add Ads in the Webpages?

If the ads run inside the posts and WordPress pages, then it is really good for your website. When you make use of a good page ad plugin, you are allowed to place your desired kinds of ads in your content.

Insert Post Ads Plugin

The best click-through-rate is obtained by the content ads. In case you want to enhance your click through rates and the revenue of Google AdSense, then you need to incorporate ads into your WordPress web pages. It can be much better if you add these ads in the post content rather than placing them somewhere else on the site. Here’s how you can make use of this plugin.

Insert Post Ads

  • Firstly, upload the Insert Post Ads file to /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through menu of “Plugins” in WordPress admin.
  • Now add the ads by navigating to the option of Post Adverts presented in the administration menu of WordPress.
  • Choose the place where you want to insert the post ads by navigating to Post Adverts and then choose the options of settings presented in the Setting page of WordPress.

Honestly speaking, this plugin is really simple to set up and it allows you to choose the number of ads that you want to display, assign categories to your ads, insert the first and subsequent ads after certain numbers of paragraphs, select the order of the ads, display them on random basis, monitor the ads with AB testing, select whether to display the ads to readers who have logged in, stylize the ads with themes, and integrate the ads with Google Analytics for money making.


In addition to the use of plugins, there are certain widgets that have been the famous tools of putting your advertisements in the WordPress blogs. Ads could be added manually in the WordPress webpages too. However, the aforementioned plugins definitely help you add ads to WordPress websites and blogs with easy.